We are not scared - Job

13 February 2020 | Local News

Firebrand youth leader Job Amupanda says young Namibians will not be held ransom by a corrupt leadership which remains unbothered by the state of the Namibian youth, which is characterised by hunger, anger and depression.

He also lambasted police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga for saying that radical youth are a threat to democracy in Namibia.

“As radical youth we plead guilty, Inspector-General. We are indeed a threat to your political cabal; the political cabal that has been in power for 30 years and authored our suffering.

“We are a threat to your political cabal that is responsible for bankrupting our country. Yes, we are a threat to your political cabal that is corrupt and works in the interest of the foreign capitalists at the expense of our people. We are, indeed, a threat to the political,” said Amupanda.

He also said the youth would be celebrating Independence Day elsewhere and would not associate themselves with the swearing-in of an “unconstitutional” president.

Amupanda claimed that the current leadership in Namibia was either unwilling or unable to address the concerns of the youth.

“Our message to the political cabal is as provided by Vladimir Lenin: 'There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.' We are not scared of any of you and we will not retreat.

“We will, while at it, ensure that the masses of our people are all radical in order to face the corrupt political cabal that is authoring our suffering. Bring it on,” he said.

Land for all

Amupanda, who was kicked out of the ruling party when he illegally occupied land in Kleine Kuppe in 2014, said his Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement had secured land south of Windhoek that would accommodate 200 houses under the AR Building Society.

They were in the process of concluding a sale agreement with the land owner and would shortly announce the details of who is eligible to benefit.

“This land has already been surveyed and all necessary town planning approvals have been obtained. What we can disclose is that this will upset the capitalist order for we are targeting ensuring that each of the 200 individuals will get their 500-square-metre plots for as little as N$20 000, compared to the N$800 000 cost of capitalist Windhoek plots of equal size. This means that our youth will not need banks to buy their plots,” he said.

The AR leader also said they were planning an AR consultative conference to discuss the 2020 regional and local authority elections, the character of an independent candidate and how to approach elections when credible opposition party candidates compete.

“We cannot endorse a thief to stand and allow him to empower his gang of thieves,” he said.

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