Water crisis: residents respond

The residents of Windhoek have not only managed to reach the savings target but have saved an additional 3% of water.

05 September 2019 | Disasters

Over the past two weeks Windhoek residents continued a positive streak of consuming less water than the maximum target but City authorities warned that on average consumption remains above target, considering the upcoming hot months and the potential spike in water consumption.

The weekly water watch notice issued this week showed that for the week ending 2 September, an additional 3% saving was recorded. The weekly target consumption remained at 465 000 cubic metres, and the actual consumption recorded was below that at 452 500 cubic metres.

Nevertheless, the municipality says based on overall usage since May this year, the average weekly water consumption is still 1.4% over the target for the season, a slight improvement with the 2% over-consumption recorded in mid-August.

Residents are urged to comply with water use regulations in order to stave off a crisis.

For the week ending 26 August, the City noted a 5% saving, which was attributed mainly to the school holidays and the long weekend.

Water consumption for that week was the lowest recorded since the beginning of May 2019.

The actual consumption was 441 000 cubic metres for the week, lower than the target consumption of 465 000 cubic metres.

Nevertheless, City spokesperson Lydia Amutenya this week said while the municipality appreciated the effort, residents must use even less water.

Among the severe water scarcity restrictions, which came into effect in July this year, are limitations on outdoor watering and irrigation, car washing, use of water features, as well as commercial and industrial processes.

A drought tariff system was put in place where consumers are warned not to exceed 25 kilolitres per month.

No rebate for water leaks is being given and the City urges residents and businesses to conduct weekly water management to identify and promptly fix leaks.

Lawns and landscaping can only be watered with semi-purified water, and no new landscaping is allowed, nor are sprinklers for irrigation.

Trees, shrubs and perennial plants may be watered by hand once a week only, and flowers, vegetable and community gardens may be watered by hand twice a week.

No watering may be done between 09:00 and 07:00 during summer and between 10:00 and 16:00 during winter.

Car washing is not allowed at private residences, and only certified commercial carwashes which use a maximum of 30 litres per vehicle are permitted.

All residential pools should be covered, and no filling with potable water is permitted.

Fountains are banned.


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