Valuing millennials

The Pupkewitz Group of Companies recently appointed a group of ten young adults to come on board and form its millennial advisory team.

18 April 2019 | Business

Ester Kamati

After an unconventional recruitment process, including a series of interviews, ten millennials were officially welcomed on board as part of the Pupkewitz team on 11 April.

The ceremony was held at The Barn and was attended by representatives of both Pupkewitz and Deloitte, their valued partner.

Priscilla Husselmann, who is the senior manager of human capital at Deloitte Namibia said they appreciate the millennials and commended them for their level of creativity and the time they took to display their talents and abilities.

She shared statistics from Deloitte’s research which proves that in 2020 half of the organisation will comprise of millennials.

Husselman said these 21st century youth are no longer on the fringes but are decision-makers in positions of power.

“There is a strong case to engage and unlock the power of millennial employees and clients,” she added.

She highlighted that this is an opportunity for the selected team to be innovative, inspirational and dedicated.

It will be a creative process for them to come up with solutions that can make a lasting impact on the future of Pupkewitz, she added, while saying the millennial advisory team’s formation was a strategic response to the world of work and that it is progressive. The move is expected to set Pupkewitz apart in terms of how it engages millennials from an employee as well as client perspective, Husselman added.

Pupkewitz talent management executive Schalk Pienaar said he is aware of common misconceptions about millennials and burdened the team of ten with changing them.

He added that being selected puts them in a good position to do so.

“Stop talking about making a difference - be the difference,” he advised.

Pienaar added that millennials value social justice and should therefore help the company to be a responsible corporate citizen.

He further encouraged the group to break open doors for not only themselves but future generations, in the pursuit of inclusion.

He urged millennials to make it impossible for people to ignore them through the quality of their contributions.

He reminded the advisory team that there is still a large amount of effort to put in and emphasised the only thing that can be started from the top is digging a hole.

Pupkewitz Group CEO Dougie Truter shared that he has always been passionate about understanding millennials as both employees and customers.

He added it is crucial to understand how they see the world and what insights and knowledge they can bring to the strategic thinking group.

“As leaders of businesses, we need to evolve our thinking and ensure we embrace and lead changes,” he said.

He affirmed that the company is ready to explore and unlock the true power that this group of employees hold.

He said he appreciates Deloitte as a key partner and their assistance and contribution in the recruitment process.

One of the advisory team members, Schalk Burger, said the initiative shows the forward-thinking culture of the company and is a platform for some fresh perspectives.

His strategy to tackle millennial stereotypes is through utilising this opportunity to the fullest and showing that purpose-driven initiatives brings out the best in everyone.

He affirmed said what he brings to the table is the experience he has gained over the years and the people skills he possesses, as well as a lot of enthusiasm.

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