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No stranger to arts and entertainment, Treza sure knows how to use her multiple talents to her advantage.

10 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

When she is not on stage handling her own alongside the Song Night band, Treza doubles as a radio host on 99fm. In an industry where you can multitask, she is out to demonstrate why beauty always has a real purpose.

She has already established herself musically in the entertainment scene. Over the years the quality and general artistic direction she's been moving with has diversified. She opened up to tjil on what she went through in that defining moment that solidified her desire to pursue a career in music, and radio presenting.

The performer and radio personality shared that she has always loved music since she was a little girl. “But radio came first. I auditioned for Unam Radio in 2013, not really expecting to get in, but I did. Since then, my career as a radio presenter soared to heights I didn't expect.

“It is through being on radio and the opportunity it allowed me to meet several artists, who today are household names; these encounters made me realise that maybe it's time I embark on my own musical journey,” said Treza.

She decided to take a leap of faith and released her debut single You Said in August 2018. She has since gone to become Song Night ambassador. Song Night is a platform that develops new vocalists in a mentorship programme. “Song Night brings promising vocalists to stage to gain experience. The show was launched in March 2011.”

Speaking on how her relationship with Song Night came about, Treza said: “It is actually a funny story. I auditioned for Song Night in 2016, but didn't get through. I was so discouraged that I didn't go back again for a while.”

In 2017 she decided to give it another try. This time she was more determined to get in, and guess what? She got in. “I was super-excited and nervous at the same time. But my first time on the Song Night stage was magical,” Treza recalled.

She mentioned that Lize Ehlers helped her a lot with every performance and believed in her so much that she and the sponsors of Song Night saw it fitting to name her ambassador of the show. “And what an honour it has been thus far,” she said proudly.

From radio host, being a singer and then becoming the Song Night ambassador, tjil was eager to find out what developments Treza has gone through to reach the level that she's playing at right now. She attributes her growth to constant practice. She said she has become a better performer because of Song Night and the leadership of Lize Ehlers.

“Working on myself and my art; because of this my confidence in my art has also improved. This has given me that leeway to express myself more openly and honestly through my music,” she said.

As an artist Treza feels it's important to be versatile and try out different sounds and styles. She hopes to deliver a sound that is unique and authentic but still keep true to her artistry.

“I'm very much an R&B girl, because I'm a lover not a fighter.” In her first single she sings about heartbreak, love and moving on. She revealed that much of what she has written both in the past and present is based on her experience with love.

“I often find myself humming to a tune that's playing in my head, and immediately record it on my phone. I have never been able to just sit down and write a song. Inspiration usually comes from my surroundings, what I see, feel and hear – that is how I come up with new song ideas.”

Treza maintains that she is still growing into the artist she is meant to be. She believes there is still so much to learn, and she is eager to learn everything needed to evolve and reach her full potential. Growing up she listened to a lot of Aaliyah, Chris Brown and Beyoncé amongst others. “I was drawn to their commitment and just their overall showmanship.”

She exclusively announced to tjil that plans to package her music into a fully-fledged body of work are at an advanced stage.

“I will be featured at Night under the Stars in July, and I plan on dropping my EP there.

“I know folks have been wondering why I've been so quiet when it comes to new music, but as most artists know, producing and writing new music is a process. Good music takes time, and all I can say is come through in July,” she announced.


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