Unleashing the juice

Here is a musician who is slowly and steadily earning his stripes his own way through the music that he's been putting out.

18 April 2019 | Art and Entertainment

His singles catalogue has developed to a point where it is getting quite difficult not to notice his moves, and so when tjil got the nod to have a chat with the These Beats hit-maker, we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

The trust and confidence from music fans in Vikta Juiceboy's music is clearly there, so we had to find out more about the voyage leading to the release of his first album scheduled for release on Tuesday, 30 April.

He shared that the title of his debut album is called Bless Up, a phrase he said he adopted from DJ Khaled and one he uses to spread positive energy. “The phrase Bless Up helps me express how grateful I am in life, despite ups and downs. With the album I want to cultivate this way of thinking in the community of people who listen to my music,” he said.

Vikta Juiceboy, who describes himself as a rapper who does other genres as well, explained that his main focus during the making of the album was creating music that would resonate with different music fans. He mentioned that the album is packed with kwaito, house, Afro-pop and hip-hop bangers. “I want my music to reach a lot of people and making songs in various genres makes it easy for me to attain this goal. I don't just make music for a certain group of people, I make music for everyone and my debut album will prove this,” said Vikta Juiceboy.

He revealed that the album has 18 songs with features from ML, Exit, Neslow, Princelou, King Elegant, K-Dio and Kay Rock. He also shared that he had recorded a lot of songs and the selection process of the songs that made it to the album was lengthy and stressful. “I had to ask my producer and friends to help me pick the songs. Fortunately for me they actually nominated the songs that I also wanted to be on the album.

“My favourite song on the album is Been There. In this song I am talking to God. I cannot wait for people to hear it,” he added. In essence, Vikta Juiceboy maintains that this album is a medium he is using to encourage young people to not fear failure but rather to fear not trying. “I just want my fellow youth to not be scared of pursuing their dreams. Keep growing, be humble and always be grateful for the gift of life.”

Outlining his roll-out plan for Bless Up, he said that he is going to have a media launch, album launch and a national tour. “My wish is to sell 2 000 copies in the first three weeks of release and I believe with these strategies coupled with the strong support from my fans this wish will come true. I want it to be commercially successful.”

“My team are busy finalising the tour dates and towns, but I can share that we are going to start with activations at high schools in Windhoek because university students and high school pupils make up the majority of my fan base,” said Vikta Juiceboy.

Ready to share his fully fledged body of work with the world, he said of his growth: “Being in this position where I am just counting down to the release of my first album is such a fulfilling feeling.

It took a lot for me to get to this point and I pray it only gets better from here on.”

As we conclude our conversation, his entourage congratulates him for having completed his album. You can sense the self-belief as Vikta Juiceboy embraces every word, complementing it with actions. He truly means what he says by the title of his album, he is indeed blessed up. He has just shot his album cover which has been shared by many of his fans on social media. With one of the biggest singles of the year in the form of These Beats featuring ML, he has the ability of dominating the music space, the backing of a strong team and the drive to become one of the biggest artists of his generation – and he will not 'half-step' as he puts it. “Work never stops. I will push this album for a few months then follow it up with a strictly rap EP. I have so much material and I do not like keeping music to myself.”

“Dad, I am sorry, the talent kept calling and I picked up. I have to be heard. This is my debut album from me to you all, please listen fully. I am telling a story,” he summed up.


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