Unhappy SPYL members head to court

19 May 2017 | Politics

A group of Swapo Party Youth League members are set to launch an urgent court application to challenge the holding of last weekend's Central Committee meeting in Windhoek.

The SPYL held a Central Committee meeting last week Saturday at which it announced the candidates for the secretary and deputy secretary positions at its elective congress in August.

The SPYL meeting, which was headed by acting secretary Veikko Nekundi, also want Swapo acting president Hage Geingob to run unopposed for the ruling party's top position at the November congress.

The youth league has been deeply divided in its support for Geingob as party president.

National Youth Council executive chairperson Mandela Kapere was nominated for the secretary position along with Ephraim Nekongo and Mirjam Nghidipo.

Christine Haindaka, Mogale Karimbue and Immanuel Shikongo were nominated for the deputy secretary position.

Some members who boycotted the CC meeting have indicated that they will approach the High Court to revoke all resolutions taken at the CC meeting.

The group's spokesperson, Job Amupanda, said in a statement that procedures were not followed, thus making the meeting unconstitutional.

“The recent development of the Nekundi cabal has not only sent shockwaves to members of SPYL but also the entire Namibian nation. The recently convened illegal Central Committee meeting, with armed police officers in attendance, is the latest and last indication that SPYL has really degenerated,” he said.

“Swapo is supposed to be a democratic party. To engage in undemocratic activities as what happened at the recent Central Committee meeting is a slap in the face of the basic tenets of democracy. This aspect of nominations has for the first time since independence left out regions and other structures. This is unusual leaving degeneration, insecurity and madness as the only fitting explanation.”

Among those challenging the outcome of Saturday's meeting are youth leaders loyal to the influential Elijah Ngurare.

In fact, Ngurare has also been outspoken about the Saturday meeting, which he termed illegal. Paulus Mbangu, Sioni Iikela, Imms Nashinge, Romona Hidileko, Amupanda and Josophat Hiwana are some of the members challenging the matter in court.

“Following various attempts to amicably solve the constitutional quagmire and the realisation that the imposed leadership remains committed to illegal things and that they are supported by those in charge of the party, we have resolved to rely on our independent judiciary to restore sanity in the minds of those in charge. We have convened a team of junior and senior lawyers, including advocates, from Namibia and elsewhere.

“The team has been hard at work and is in the process of finalising and settling founding documents,” Amupanda said yesterday.

Earlier this week SPYL secretary for labour and justice Sydney Ganeb also questioned the legality of Saturday's meeting, requesting Nekundi to reverse a decision to nominate candidates for the secretary and deputy secretary positions.


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