Tweya sticks to explosive comments

26 February 2020 | Local News

Trade minister Tjekero Tweya yesterday stuck to explosive remarks he made at Walvis Bay on Monday that he has had enough of government's backward policies which have hindered development in Namibia.

The policies, the former finance deputy minister said, scare off foreign investment. Tweya made the remarks during the inauguration of the Walvis Bay Salt Refiners (WBSR) brand new N$93 million salt processing plant. The minister said government plays for the media and has failed to create an enabling environment for foreign investors.

“What type of policies are these? We are not moving together as we claim publicly in the media… Harambee! We move this side or talk nicely in the media, but our actions are in reverse gear,” he charged.

Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) is Namibia's development programme from 2016 to 2020, an action plan towards prosperity for all, announced by President Hage Geingob in 2015. It consists of five pillars: Effective governance, economic advancement, social progression, infrastructure development and international relations and cooperation.

HPP is a targeted action plan to accelerate development in clearly defined priority areas, which lay the basis for attaining prosperity in Namibia.


A frustrated Tweya went on to say Namibians must decide whether or not they are committed to the development of Namibia.

Another thorn in his flesh is that an industrial policy birthed out of Export Processing Zones (EPZ) law is being held hostage by others.

According to him, investors are looking for incentives to reach out to remote areas, but government is not forthcoming.

“It cannot be right. We must realign our thinking and do the right thing. For now, I must say it is my moral obligation to say it publicly and transparently and [I] may step on people's toes,” he said.

This law provides for the establishment, development and management of export processing zones in Namibia.

Tweya added that this state of affairs has made the Namibian youth angry and brought on a ticking time bomb of unemployed youth.

Leaders, he said, should therefore not be a stumbling block for the progress of the youth.

“It cannot be correct. If we hear them, let us do something about it. When that time bomb explodes, we will all be finished. Let us not tell them they must first wait until we retire before they are given an opportunity,” he said.

When contacted for clarity yesterday, Tweya was unrepentant about his remarks.

He emphasised that the HPP is not a policy, but in fact a plan.

“It is the year of introspection. We have to look inwards. Some policies that are advanced must be addressed. We are still quoting from laws dating from 1970, a time when this country was still a colony. What is so sensational about it?” he said.

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