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Financial wellbeing is part of a holistic lifestyle

18 April 2019 | Columns

Ashante Mannetti

In this fast-paced world we try to juggle a million things at once. Job, family, friends, eating healthy and we know we still need to find time to exercise.

In an ideal world we would do all of these things and more. They are all part of what makes up our 'holistic wellbeing.”

This means that we take care of ourselves and every part of your life to have a better, healthier, happier and more balanced life. However, one major part that people of all walks of life overlook is financial wellbeing, it is an essential part of holistic wellbeing.

Not having your financial affairs in order, or simply having money challenges can cause stress, anxiety and lack of sleep to name but a few symptoms. So, it's imperative that financial wellbeing is approached in the same manner as every other part of life.

This means having a plan in place for insurance, saving/investment, retirement, paying monthly bills and even anticipating emergencies. An aspect of financial planning which is all too often overlooked is insurance. Insurance is like a guardian angel.

You never know when you need it, but you are very happy that you have it when you do. We don't plan to get sick, we don't plan to get burgled and we definitely believe that death is a long way away. Right up to the moment when we do get sick or death does strike.

As adults we know life takes unplanned twists and turns and chaos can erupt from one moment to the next. Whether it is an accident, a sudden illness or even worse death. They have one thing in common, dealing with them costs money. Whether it is taking time from work and needing 'severe illness coverage', health insurance to pay for doctor's visits and treatment or financial assistance for a funeral.

Anticipating that you and your loved ones will inevitably face some adversity is why you acquire insurance and is an intrinsic part of overall financial planning. Usually, one of the reasons we put off getting insurance and coverage for ourselves and our families is because of all the hoops you have to jump through.

Whether it is a complete run-trough of medical history or even having to go for medical check-ups. Paperwork, documents, getting a medical check-up from a doctor all takes time and is a huge hassle. With more and more services moving online lots of these hoops have become a thing of the past.

It is easy to forget that holistic wellbeing is made up of different building blocks; family, health, job security, exercise and definitely financial wellbeing. There are many facets to financial wellbeing, but insurance is the absolute bedrock of long-term financial planning and peace of mind.

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