The Zone visited Augustineum Secondary School to speak to learners about bleaching products. Below are some of their views.

23 July 2019 | Opinion

Magrede Noabes

Most of the people apply these products to look appealing or to remove black spots in the face. Most of them beautify themselves to just feel good about themselves.

Vicky Mangukuii

Mainly these people use it to enhance their looks and to remove some black marks in their faces. Most females use it to attract the opposite sex, as well.

Elizabeth Moken

People want to lighten their skin; this is mostly common in females. It is proven that females lack confidence and they would do anything to make themselves feel good. Males do not take these products seriously, as they don’t have time to worry about spots in their faces.

Alvin Beukes

People are afraid to be discriminated against for being black. Most of them use it to beautify themselves or some may even use it for their skin conditions. The main reason is to be the centre of attention and to feel comfortable.

Penehafo Julius

Bleaching is used to lighten the skin. This process takes off the dead skin and makes one look better. This enables the skin to glow and makes the user of the product feel good. We should understand that these products are not just used for beautifying purposes.

Agnes Fillip

These products are used to lighten their skin colour and to smoothen their skin. Bleaching removes the dead skin, which renews the skin, and most of them use it due to the pressure in their social circle.

Vivian |Gases

These products are used to make ladies feel more confident about themselves and to protect their skin from the sun and lighten their skin to make it look attractive. Some have medical conditions.

Mojao Tjiuondeka

Most people apply it because they want to remove the black spots and the pimples in their face. Some of them decide to do it just because it’s trending.

Mbitjitandjambi Kaura

People use these products because they have low self- esteem and they are not proud of their black skin. They want to look pretty or lighter. Some people are mocked because of their skin colour, so they use this to comfort them.

Mupakelani Elisa

People are not proud of their colour. Some do this because they don’t feel good in their own skin. Some use these things because they like trying out new things.

Raymond |Uirab

Some people use these products to protect them from the sun, while some ladies use it to attract men, and some are using it to lighten their skin because of discrimination.

Darryl Oarum

Bleaching is used to remove skin irritations and blemishes. It is wrong to use these products and I suggest that they are only used under medical supervision, because they can have a negative effect in the long-term.

Concencia Namises

They apply these things to look good. Sometimes it happens that they may have problems with their skin, so they look more appealing. Most guys do not use these products; its mostly just ladies, because they have issues.

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