The Zone asked learners what superpower they would choose to make them excel academically. Here is what they had to say.

19 November 2019 | Opinion

Anna Jannell Sem

I would definitely choose to have a photographic memory. I wouldn’t have to study and memorise notes at all, because I’d always think back to the time I had lectures and everything would be there in my mind.

Betty Mwatotele

If I could have on superpower that would help me excel in school it would be super-speed. I believe that being a super-fast learner would enable me to be fast in my school tasks, and also when it comes to studying for a test or an exam.

Bobby Kamati

If I had a superpower, it would be having a sixth sense that will enable me to sense what to study and what not study. I can also use this power during a test or an exam, as I would be able to sense what the correct answer is.

Eric Jr Shilongo

Telepathic perception, because then I’ll be able to gather different ideas from the minds of my peers and teachers, which will surely help me during my exams, because I can easily read my teacher and classmates’ minds to find answers to the different questions.

Hauwanga Fenny

The power to be able to study without distractions, in order for me to do better in school and make studying much more easier. I could also become a better person in life.

Maria Shimbulu

If I could have one superpower, it would be anti-procrastination. I would love to have this superpower to help me juggle all my homework, lessons, studying, assignments and tests instantly, when I put my mind to it .This will ensure that I have efficient time management, because getting things. Anti-procrastination will help me study and grasp all the information I need to know for my examinations.

Lizette Debbie Bar-Hen

Super-speed, as I would be able to study more in a shorter period of time and get assignments done in the blink of an eye, which will allow me to go through and perfect them with all the extra time. I would never be late for class, meaning I would never miss out on knowledge. Super-speed will also allow me to think and process stuff faster.

Maria Pepe

X-ray vision. Cheating will be very easy, as I can see through things and I can study the question papers while they are in the safe.

Ouma Ngulu

If I were to have a superpower, it would be to stop time; in other words, I would be a timekeeper, because these days learners don’t always have the time to study or do our assignments. So I feel like stopping time would give us a head-start to get our stuff done and still be on time.

Shiwomwenyo Amashili

Telepathy, simply because it will help me know what the smart kids are thinking off, especially when we are writing tests or exams. So it will help me pass.

Talah Dacosta Hashipala

If I could get a superpower that would help me excel in school, I would most definitely choose a photographic memory, because you’ll never forget anything you see.

Rebekka Nghilalulwa

Telepathy, as I would be able to know my teachers’ thoughts before they say them out loud. I'll know what is going to be taught and probably understand the subjects better, because I’m getting the information straight from the teacher’s brain. Also, I'll pass all my tests. I'll know the answers in my teacher’s head or in my classmates’ brains when I struggle.

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