The truth shall set you free

02 November 2018 | Columns

One wonders what the cost will be for health minister Bernard Haufiku, who in no uncertain terms lifted the veil on the plain childish side of the current government administration.

The last time someone spoke out of the bedroom - so to speak - he ended up being relieved of his duties, was duly fired, resigned from Swapo and formed the Landless People’s Movement.

In the case of Haufiku, if worse comes to worse, it will probably not end up in the formation of a new ‘movement’, because he is a self-made man, who brings with him a wealth of experience from the private sector.

He also has a good investment head on his shoulders and he will certainly not go hungry if shown the door.

But what to make of Haufiku’s revelations is critical.

He is clearly a frustrated man, and that is not surprising, considering the treatment he alleges was dished out to him.

In short, he says the head of state rebuked him for talking to the media and for praising people.

He also revealed that his recent call on the private sector for assistance with the ministry’s eye-care clinic at the Windhoek Central Hospital had resulted in an allegation that he had “embarrassed the government”.

“When it became known that the private sector had helped, I was berated by my superior in cabinet. ‘You are [giving the] government a bad name. What are these private people now doing? They have billions of money and they are giving N$200 and you are showing them on television’.

“You know the mentality, the attitude. That is why I am saying some of the people must make a rotation in the private sector before they can go to the public sector.

“Now they are more worried about me appearing on TV and thanking the people that helped us, than the real situation that was happening,” Haufiku said.

We wait with bated breath to see what happens next.

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