The simple act of moving

Free flow fun with the aid of wireless headsets.

22 September 2020 | Health

Henriette Lamprecht – Often mistaken for a silent disco or party, it encourages connection and joy through movement and music. Incorporating elements of meditation, yoga, aerobics and dancing it is free flow fun with the aid of wireless headsets, says Tora-Lee Christ, part of Secret Sunrise Namibia.

According to Tora-Lee, Secret Sunrise (SS) is a global community that celebrates life through music, movement and connection.

“We are often so disconnected with the fast pace we live in and we wanted to change this.”

Tora-Lee attended multiple SS-sessions while studying in South Africa and the seed was planted to also bring it to Namibia.

On arrival at a SS-session each person gets a set of headphones.

“Outsiders can’t hear anything, eventgoers can’t verbally communicate with each other,” she explains.

The session usually starts with guided meditation and from there the music starts. Facilitators provide guided instructions throughout the hour which will have you dancing freestyle, in pairs or even groups.

“Here you have the opportunity to really let go and let loose!”

To keep things interactive and fun the facilitator gives tips, encouragement and even give dance move ideas.

“No judgement from anyone. It is encouraged to let go and have your inner child experience the joy.”

Many people’s characters have dimmed and their mental health is taxed with the pressures they are constantly facing, says Tora-Lee.

The aim is to have attendees feeling a sense of connection, joy, freedom, self-expression, positive energy, community, and light in their lives.

We often don’t take note of the beauty that a sunrise or sunset bring, explains Tora-Lee. Hence why the sessions occur at sunset or sunrise, encouraging people to appreciate what’s around them.

The benefits of this music and meditation filled connection are numerous.

“Dancing is one of the easiest ways to release endorphins which in return reduce pain and boost pleasure, resulting in a feeling of well-being. Co-ordination and body awareness both come with regular dancing too and is a sure way to improve self-esteem.”

When coordinating movement with a beat of a song, the brain’s reward centres are activated, neutral connections become stronger resulting in improved memory.

“When you dance in a group, your brain actually relaxes and this communal experience activates mirror neurons in your brain. These circuits of neurons subconsciously follow the actions of others which means that you don’t have to speak out loud to create connections with people. Simply doing steps in sync with others can be a shared euphoric experience!”

Dancing also increases your heart rate, while it is also a full body workout.

“The simple act of moving, breathing and listening to music allows you to connect with your body in ways free of expectations and judgement.”

Anybody can join, says Tora-Lee, from young children to their grandparents as SS-sessions are family friendly.

Usually public sessions are held twice a month at venues with enough space for “our sunrisers to let go, dance and also run at times – all while appreciating the scenery”.

According to Tora-Lee the global SS-team has created Secret Sunrise Joy Online where you can tune in from anywhere in the world to take part in the experience.

“The hosting facilitators try to make the experience as memorable and similar as the contact sessions. The flow of the session is the same, the only thing missing are the headsets.”

The ultimate goal is to bring a sense of joy and a sober euphoric experience to Namibians, says Tora-Lee.

“Our hopes are to be present throughout the country so that everybody can share in the experience." - [email protected]

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