The redemptive power of music

It takes courage to re-evaluate your identity and decide to completely change it.

09 August 2019 | Art and Entertainment

A change that comes solely from a natural evolution is considered a good one, even though many might be against it.

You know it is real when you even sacrifice social treasures and stature because of it. With that being said Samuele Ngodji, formerly known as Quondja, is an ideal example of this - because of his history in the music scene.

After closely watching the moves he has been making, tjil decided to hit him up to talk about his evolution from the known past to the unpredictable 'right now', as well as his forthcoming album. He recently released his single titled Omfenu featuring DJ Tengu. “Omfenu is lifted from my next album due for release in September.

We are just busy doing final touches to the album, so I decided to give the people a taste of what to expect,” he said.

On what he has been up to, the musician said he has been exploring different avenues in the business world. He added that he also felt the need to change his crowd and surround himself with people who can grow him spiritually. “I have not been quiet, not every move is reported on in the mainstream media or shared on social media.

“I am constantly seeking wisdom and seeing how I can impact people's lives. I believe I have touched people's lives through the music I released under the name Quondja; I am starting a new chapter now, hence my rebrand,” said Samuele Ngodji.

He mentioned that it feels good to be back in the limelight again doing what he loves, which is entertaining people. “I have released about nine albums, most of those albums were packed with conscious songs. Unlike Quondja, Samuele Ngodji is more fun.

“My new album and first album under the name Samuele Ngodji is a predominantly dance album. I am happy, blessed and focused and all these things translate into my music,” he added.

He announced that he has partnered up with On Fleek Media Group to market and promote his brand. Samuele Ngodji acknowledges that having a team responsible for a brand's public relations is important. “On Fleek Media Group is exposing my music and information about what I am doing. They are making sure Samuele Ngodji's music is heard all over the country.

“The relationship I have with On Fleek Media Group is beyond monetary gain. We are two brands working together for a common goal. They want to see me win and vice versa.”

On what keeps him grounded, Samuele Ngodji shared that his eagerness to learn, being patient and the will to always better himself and his craft are some of the elements he attributes to his humility. “I am a wisdom seeker, and wisdom is everywhere. I read a lot and I am very observant. I believe these traits contribute immensely to my personality.”

He pointed out founding president Sam Nujoma, Frank Fredericks, Harry Simon and Knowledge Katti as some of the public figures whose stories inspire him. “These people have managed to put Namibia on the map through fields like politics, sports and entrepreneurship and have impacted lives in our community. I believe I can also do the same through art. The name may change but the goal to export Namibia's arts and culture remains,” said Samuele Ngodji.

He said that he is happy with how his single has been received by his fans and promised that his forthcoming project will reveal what the new chapter of his life is all about.

“I performed at the Gazza Milli Concert last weekend; the reception I received from the crowd gives me confidence to share with them the new music I have been working on,” he said.

Summing up the conversation with tjil, Samuele Ngodji encouraged his fans to not be afraid to embrace change and further called on them to be grateful and enjoy life. “Taking time off to reflect on your journey and just acknowledge your achievement is what this album is going to be about.

“Let us not be caught up in life's struggles that we neglect to see the beauty of life,” he said.


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