The Legacy Continues

Employee's Voices Matter

29 November 2021 | Business

With the recent announcement of Namdeb’s Long Term plan, employees are both excited and proud of the fact that Namdeb will continue building a positive legacy. In this instalment, we are featuring some Namdeb employees powering this proud legacy and gauging their perspectives on this bright new chapter.

Ngeno Mutilitha is a Mining Engineer by profession who has been with Namdeb for a solid eight years.
Ngeno is currently employed as a Mining Process Manager, leading a team of about hundred and eighty (180) highly motivated and engaged men and women in Southern Coastal Mine (SCM). “Our objective is the extract of diamondiferous ore from various trap sites within the bedrock foot wall.” He adds that mining activities are done onshore between minus 18 to 30 meters below mean sea level using a variety of earth moving machines across an area of 850 000 square meters per annum.
He notes that work is ultimately a result driven role that focuses on the application of engineering principles to the operation of a mining process in a safe, sustainable, profitable way. As a young leader, Ngeno is excited about the recent announcement of the Life of Mine extension as it provides him with a platform to further grow professionally within the business. “It further provides an opportunity to explore advances in Surface Mining technology that can unlock value through efficiency improvements and continue this unique legacy.”
As he is currently responsible for the five ore extraction production teams in Southern Coastal Mine, Ngeno says that the long-term plan will see this responsibility ramp up to eight ore extraction production teams as well the implementation of relatively low risk Surface Mining technology. “A measure of success for my role will be the realisation of the intended benefits of this new recapitalized Mine plan.”

Gotty Cornelius has been employed by Namdeb for thirty years as a Security Officer. He is currently working within the access section of the Security Department. Further to this, Gotty was recently elected as the Namdeb MUN Branch chairperson, a responsibility he fully embraces and with great humility.
He says that his job entails product protection and ensuring that the product is not illegally removed from the mining area and depriving the company what is rightly theirs. “My work includes activities such as monitoring and screening of employees when they exit the mine, using various surveillance platforms.”
As part of the MUN leadership, Gotty, says that at the centre of his responsibilities is to monitor and manage the workforce’s wellbeing, which includes building a sound relationship with the company.
“It is important that we build a solid employee-employer relationship so that we have a successful operation that will benefit all.”
Gotty says that he is excited at the extension of the life of mine as it will ensure job security and continue to contribute to the economy of the country. “Since Oranjemund is now open, we hope that the good news will attract potential investors so that the economy of the town can be diversified.”
He says that his contribution to the success of the long term plan will continue ensuring that the product is protected but also ensure that the safety and wellbeing of the employees is prioritised.

Johanna Kamati is a multi-skilled operator in Southern Coastal Mines (SCM) within the mining team. Johanna has been with the company for twenty-two years. Johanna’s job entails operating various earthmoving machines, mostly excavators on the bedrock sites in SCM to preparing the ore to be hauled to the treatment plant for further processing.
She says that she is quite excited with the approval of the extended Life of Mine. “I am quite excited and at the same time relieved because I now know that my job is secure and possibly, I will be working until retirement age, supporting my family whilst contributing to the socio-economic development of our country.”
Johanna says that she will be contributing to the success of the long term plan by continuing to work safely, ensuring that the ore material is available so that production targets are met and the business remains profitable and sustainable.

Fiona Kapolo has been working at Namdeb for three years in various capacities. She started working on a temporary basis, however, she is currently employed on a permanent basis as a Plant Helper at No. 3 Processing Plant in Southern Coastal Mine (SCM). In her current role of Plant Helper, Fiona assists operators with various functions to process the material optimally, efficiently, but most of all safely so that production targets are met. Fiona says that the extension of life of mine brings hope to her and the Namibian nation at large.
“People can look forward to being employed by Namdeb and establish careers in the mining industry.”
She says that her role will play an essential part in making sure the long term plan is executed and continues to contribute to Namdeb reaching its future goals.

Tashrikah has been working for Namdeb for seven years and is currently employed as a Legal Mine Secretary based in Oranjemund. Amongst others, she is responsible for legal compliance, corporate governance, due diligence and best practice processes. “I am part of a very small, yet very powerful and dynamic team of gatekeepers that ensure the company keeps abreast of all its legal obligations and responsibilities.” Tashrikah says that the extension of life of mine firstly means job security; secondly growth of the Namibian economy and thirdly, reduction in the country’s unemployment rate.
“One of the biggest factors for me is how this corporate giant can continue to grow and to invest in the Namibian nation, especially the youth that has dreams of becoming the next engineer, the next geologist.” She adds that Namdeb is inclusive, and caters for all.
“We are indeed the pride of Namibia’s mining!”
Referring how she sees herself contributing to the success of the life of mine extension, she says that together with the legal team, they will continue to ensure that Namdeb continues to make a lasting contribution to Namibia by complying with all national and international laws, aligned to De Beers Best Practice Principles. “The only way we can achieve our success story, is by being an exceptional corporate giant,” she adds.

Lesley Cloete is a Senior Recruitment Officer who has been with the company for four months. Lesley is responsible for delivering proactive, client focused end-to-end recruitment services. He further adds that as an HR Practitioner, he ensures compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements and the hiring of the best available talent cost effectively.
He says that the approval of extended life of mine means job security and continued family provision, and business opportunities. Lesley says that he will contribute to the success of the Long Term Plan by making sure that he is always available to do his job, explore and build networks that will benefit the company.

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