The fun side of the school

The camp was started by teacher Annelise Genis in 2011

13 October 2020 | Education

Adda Shililifa

When I initially heard that we were going to one of our teachers’ farms for an entire week for physical science spring school camp, I was so excited.

The fact of being offline and about 30km away from home did not bother me in the least, because the camp was an opportunity to spend time with my classmates before the end of the year exams.

On Sunday, 6 September, we arrived at our teacher Mrs Annelise Genis’ farm at 18:00 and we received a warm welcome.

The programme we were given stated our daily routine for the week. It showed the time when the lessons started, when the work should be finished and when it would be marked.

Genis also made sure to include a bit of farm fun, which made up for the difficult physics.

“I desire to help each learner achieve their very best and the time in class is limited for that. Most importantly, I hope to bring each learner closer to God before they enter the wide world,” Genis said.

Daily routine

We worked from 08:30 every morning till 19:00 every day with a mini-break and lunch in between. At 19:30, dinner was served, and at 20:30 was Bible study.

From 21:00 to 22:00, we marked the work we finished for the day and 22:00 was lights out.

That was the routine we followed for the entire week.

On 7 September, the school work started. It was hectic as we had a lot to do and that just made the day seem longer.

“We were intellectually challenged, but the entire experience will help us during the exams,” said Believer Tshishinda, one of the grade 12 learners.

The questions we were working on were similar to exam questions and this gave us a better understanding of our work. In the end, we managed to finish and mark a booklet containing our entire physical science syllabus.

Refreshing our minds

We were spoilt by Mrs Genis and her husband with snacks and outdoor activities. To get us away from the books and out and about, we ventured on an obstacle course that refreshed our minds before heading back to the books.

We played volleyball at times when we had a break and had movie time. Later, it didn’t even feel as though we were working as the fun and laughter outweighed physical science.

More than physics

Suandri Voordewind, a grade 12 learner, said it is an opportunity that should not be missed. I highly advise next year’s grade 12s to go.

We learnt so much more than just physics and that’s why I don’t think any of us can describe how beneficial and great it is for you as learner and individual to go. None of you would believe us unless, of course, you go experience it yourself!


PHOTO 1: Learners at the camp.

PHOTO 2: Group sessions.

PHOTO 3: Learners doing self-study activities.

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