The battle of voices

Old Mutual National Gospel Choir Festival grand finale was a resounding success with more choirs from the regions taking part.

13 October 2017 | Art and Entertainment

The competition saw 20 choirs from different congregations across the country competing for the grand astounding prize of a whooping N$40 000. Choral music, in turn, is music written specifically for such an ensemble to perform. The festival is a platform to provide for Namibians to celebrate their love for choral music and for the different churches to showcase their talent and passion for singing.

All choirs gave a captivating performance for the youth and mature categories. The choirs were required to perform two songs, the prescribed song as well as the song of their choice. The CEO of Old Mutual Group stressed on the importance of choral music and retaining roots in society.

“This festival is important in fostering the existing relationships with churches, our customers and the broader community we serve,” said Kosmas Egumbo, the CEO of Old Mutual.

The conductor of the winning choir in the youth category spoke about the importance of choral music as an important genre in the music industry.

“Many overlook choral music but most of your great and successful artists started in school or church choirs. It's where you learn the elements of music. It deserves more admiration and recognition,” said Dezil Hanse.

The winners for the evening were; Youth Category first prize: N$40 000 - //Ae - //Gams Youth Choir; second prize: N$20 000 – St John Apostolic Faith Mission; 3rd Prize: N$15 000 – Sion Youth Choir.

Mature Age Category 1st Prize: N$40 000 – Sion Mass Choir 2nd Prize: N$20 000 – Ephesians Parish Choir 3rd Prize: N$15 000 – Alpha Choir .

June Shimuoshili

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