Taking the employee experience to the next level

15 November 2019 | Columns

Jimi Hill

Gone are the days where pay was pretty much the main factor in deciding where your next gig/job would be. The employee experience has gained momentum in recent years and can be largely attributed to the concept of Employee Value Proposition (EVP). EVP can be described as the unique set of rewards and benefits offered by an employer to an employee that will enhance their employee experience. It is therefore of utmost importance for employees to have a helicopter view of how these elements of EVP fit together, as this experience will outweigh the value of basic monetary elements such as just pay/remuneration.

EVP can be roughly classified into five categories (but not limited to):

1. Remuneration - Remuneration in essence refers to salaries, short-term incentives, long-term incentives and other financial rewards.

2. Benefits - Benefits include retirement, insurance, medical aid, flexibility and paid leave.

3. Talent Management - Ability and chance to grow and develop, training and development and career development.

4. Work environment – Recognition programmes and experiences available, and work-life balance.

5. Culture - understanding the company’s vision and goals, as well as collaboration, camaraderie and team spirit.

Being a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver and List Group, which believes that people are the heart of everything, it comes naturally that we at Namibia Breweries Limited do our utmost to ensure that our EVP speaks to the needs of our most valuable asset, our employees and prospective employees.

The following are but some of the elements that make up our EVP and are considered to be unique in the Namibian market.

Each employee is allocated a certain number of units per month to enjoy their choice of our world-class products with family and friends. There are facilities on site where employees can unwind and connect with each other in a responsible manner.

Employees living the values of the company have the opportunity to participate in the O&L Value Stars Programme, whereby the overall winners get rewarded with a once-in-a lifetime Value Stars Edutain Trip. The 2019 Edutain winners recently went on an all-expenses-paid trip to KwaZulu-Natal.

We have a purpose-driven culture where all employees enjoy the benefit of linking their personal purpose to that of the company as we together pursue our collective purpose of ‘Creating a Future, Enhancing Life’. We believe in owning each other, co-creating and building affinity.

Making that extra impact in the lives of employees and prospective employees ensures a sustainable relationship between employer and employees. The power of EVP should never be underestimated.

With the O&L Groups Focus on Great Place to Work, Namibia Breweries Limited was awarded as a Great Place to Work in the category Employee Wellbeing in Africa in 2018, which bears testimony to the emphasis placed on the employee experience. Making this positive contribution in the lives of our employees perfectly fits our O&L Vision of being a catalyst for positive change, delivering new realities and fulfilling dreams.

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