Taking calculated risks

Mercy Namases will be living her dream of studying abroad, while majoring in finance management and minoring in information systems at La Roche University in the US.

20 August 2019 | Education

Ester Kamati

Mercy Namases, who was born in Okombahe village, describes herself as a dynamic young lady with an outstanding personality. She exudes confidence in all she does and ensures that all her endeavours are aimed, ultimately, at success and are in her best interest.

Mercy was initially registered for a public management course at the University of Namibia (Unam) and applied for a loan. Upon receiving the news about being rejected for financial assistance, Mercy was distraught at the thought of not being able to study, simply because she could not afford the tuition fees.

While on the verge of dropping out of school, a ray of sunshine came in the form of an acceptance letter from La Roche University.

She will be pursuing her studies through a scholarship programme known as the Pacem in Terris Legacy Scholarship. Having applied to the university only to see what would happen, Mercy nearly turned down the opportunity upon receiving her acceptance letter, because yet again she could not meet all the expenses.

This was until the scholarship programme was recommended to her by her admission counsellor, who guided her through the process.

Her history of volunteer work, as well as her good academic record, were what landed Mercy the scholarship opportunity, which only chooses two recipients globally.

Mercy is keen on becoming a financial expert, mainly focusing on investment banking, and is ready to undertake her studies at La Roche University.

“I have chosen finance because I would like to be in a competitive industry,” she said, adding that her ambitious character makes her perfectly suited for the industry, as she is motivated by competition.

All her life, Mercy has wanted to study in Germany and had polished her German quite well over the past six years, until she became a fluent speaker. She has visited the country a couple of times and always hoped that one day she would be able to stay there.

But as fate would have it, she will instead be studying in the United States.

“I would love to take advantage of their education system and I would love to improve my proficiency in English,” she said.

She said she is most excited about encountering snow for the first time, because she has always wanted to see it in real life, and now she will get the chance to when she relocates to Pennsylvania.

“I am ready for the adventure,” Mercy shared, adding she is looking forward to the new experiences and cultures, in addition to meeting new people.

“It is an international university, so I’m looking forward to interacting with the various students from different countries.”

Mercy looks forward to visiting one of the famous lakes in Pittsburgh, as well as the famous Yellow Bridge. “People always stand there and take pictures, so I am looking forward to doing that”.

As much as the journey is exciting, however, Mercy is not too keen on leaving her family behind, as this is one of her biggest fears.

“I’m scared of leaving everything behind; memories and especially my grandmother, whom I stay with.”

Mercy is leaving today and will fly via Dubai. During the flight, she will be catching up on her reading, while anticipating her new adventure. Mercy is a talented dancer. She also does yoga and is looking forward to utilising the free gym at the university.

She plans on keeping herself busy with her studies, as well as regular exercise as a coping mechanism for being homesick.

Mercy, who is her father’s third eldest daughter, is determined to keep working hard and continue being the best version of herself.

She is driven by the fact that she has eight siblings who she needs to set an example for.

“I would love to be a role model, because growing up, I didn’t have somebody to look up to,” she said.

She further acknowledged the efforts and input of her father. “I am the result of what he has worked hard for.”

Did you know?

La Roche University was initially a college for religious sisters, before its current incarnation as an institution for students from around the world.

Mercy fun facts:

· She has appeared in two music videos as a dancer - one by local artist Tequila and another by international artist Petite Noah.

· She speaks five languages, including German.

Caption: Mercy Namases is ready to take on the United States. Photo Ester Kamati

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