Tackling the serious problem that is bullying, The Zone visited A I Steenkamp primary school to find out what they would say to a bully if they had a one on one conversation and here...

29 October 2019 | Opinion

Dina Elias

I would talk to the bully to try and find out why he or she is doing it. I believe that bullying is a crime and it makes people feel bad about themselves. This will make the learners not want to attend school and will negatively influence their grades.

Daniela Kgobetsi

I will tell the bully to stop hurting people. It could lead to children becoming depressed and committing suicide. No one likes being treated badly so you have to treat people like you wish to be treated.

Novelene Kavandje

I would basically tell the bully to leave me alone because the reason he is bullying is because he is trying to hide his own pain. I would try and be his friend and help the bully become a better and caring person.

Zinekke Hansen

I will tell the bully to stop and start being helpful instead of hurtful. I will also help the bully realise that he or she will not get far in life with this type of negative behaviour. Being a bully will drive away all possible friends that you might have had.

Carlos Dax

People who bully other people need help. They need to be told that bullying is hurtful and could ruin your reputation and future. Also they need to understand that there are consequences when you are being rude towards others.

Pamela Kalopa

People only bully because they are insecure with themselves and are trying to take out their anger on other people. Thus I will tell the bully to find other ways of expressing themselves which will be less hurtful.

Stephany Owoses

Bullies like to talk bad about other children, they beat others and they don’t take responsibility for their actions. I would advise them to stop bullying because it is bad. Such behaviour may result in criminal activity one day.

Devina Hamases

I would tell them the way the other person is feeling due to their actions. I would also tell them that bullying is not good because if that is the way you identify yourself, people will not like you at all because they will only know you as a bully.

Emma Mujoro

Stop bullying people, especially kids. You are the reason someone else is not coming to school. You make other people cry and some even end up killing themselves. Do not do something to someone else that you would not want to be done unto you.

Helena Namwandi

I would tell any bully to stop what he/she is doing and to respect others and their rights. I would remind them of the bad that comes with bullying and the effects that it may have on the next person.

Amor Shinonge

I would tell the bully to stop bullying me because he would not like it if he was in the same situation that he is putting me in. It is not nice to bully each other. Bullying has serious consequences.

Salome Estrays

Bullying might get you into a lot of trouble and not only that but it is something that makes people uncomfortable. Bullies need to stop and think about other people and their feelings and change their way.

Pamela Kalopa

I would tell the bully that the only reason they do what t6hey do is to satisfy their friends. You don’t need to bully to look brave and it is not fair. Bullies just want to look tough in front of other people. I would ask him/her to become a better person.

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