Swapo cliques must end – Hausiku

21 April 2017 | Politics

The prevailing culture of cliques, entitlement and poor service delivery in the Swapo Party must stop, Swapo Party School rector Marco Hausiku said in a lecture at Keetmanshoop on Wednesday.

The mindset of greed would only destroy the party and the country when citizens finally revolted, the former deputy prime minister warned in his lecture to regional party delegates, who had gathered to celebrate Swapo's 57th anniversary.

“This materialistic mindset of thinking only about positions, money, tenders and bribes must end. We need to change if we are concerned about our country,” he said.

Hausiku emphasised that the future of Swapo lay in collective leadership and a change of mindset.

He said the party wanted to return to its former ideals of inclusiveness and tolerance in safeguarding a prosperous future for the country.

In an effort to do so, Swapo established the party school aiming to stimulate free debate, cultivate a culture of critical thinking and promote democratic principles, Hausiku elaborated.

“We need free thinkers who will find better ways of doing things in the country.”

Hausiku encouraged the party leaders to appreciate others' views and allow people to speak their minds openly.

“Clapping hands is not consensus. We need to talk, discuss and come to an understanding of each other's ideas. This will also help people discover themselves.”

Hausiku further emphasised the importance of providing quality service to citizens.

“If people don't get what they need because we only think of ourselves, then we have no right to expect of them to vote for us.”

He urged regional party and government representatives to take ownership of the party's ideology by developing district centres and presenting training programmes to other party members.

“We need to root out tribalism and factionalism collectively in the interest of unity and nationhood.”

He said the party school classes and outreach lectures would continue in the regions and at the main centre in Windhoek.


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