Social distancing

24 March 2020 | Opinion

The Zone asked some learners what they would do once the social distancing has been lifted from Namibia, and this was what they said:

Kamwangha Nasovoye

All this social distancing has been quite hard; spending most of my time at home hasn't been the best. So, after this ends I’ll try spending more time with my friends; maybe go eat out just to show them how much they really mean to me.

Brenda Bore

My answer would be to spend time with all the people I didn't see during this period. I would to catch up on all the gossip I missed. And catch up on all the events that were postponed.

Adda Shililifa

Due to this pandemic our family gatherings have been limited, therefore once the social distancing is lifted, organising a family brunch will be at the top of my to-do list.

Vapii Makari

I'll do nothing special; just go back to school and complete the exam that was postponed.

Linda Grobbelaar

I would get back on track with all the academic work I missed out on as quickly as possible and catch up with the regular planned events.

Karlien van der Merwe

I would give my friend a big hug and throw her a well-deserved birthday party since it had to be put on hold.

Suandri Voordewind

I would still wash my hands and not touch my face, but would spend time with my closest friends as usual and get my schoolwork back in order.

Joan Mbago

This quarantine has taught me how to be alone with my thoughts. When I'm out of quarantine, I would probably appreciate the little things in life by being present and living in every moment. I would focus my attention more on what is pleasurable, nurturing and sustaining in my life also spend more time with close friends, families and definitely love unconditionally.

Lesley Shetukana

When social distancing is lifted the first thing I'll do is to go hiking. Once I get to the top of the mountain I'll say a little prayer of appreciation to God. It's hard for a person like me not being social, but it has taught me a lot about myself. So, God has to be the first person I need to reach out to.

Adelaide Joao

I will try as much as possible to keep myself protected, continue with the same protection methods, and avoid the hugging and handshakes until the situation calms down.

Thelma Savanhu

Surprisingly, I miss going to school and, as shocking as it may seem, I can't wait for schools to open. When the social distancing is lifted the first thing I'll do is hang out with my friends, probably go for ice-cream or watch a movie.

Aletta Nekwaya

This pandemic has taught me that life is short and you should seize every moment you have, because anything can happen at any given moment. As soon as the social distancing is lifted, I would go out and cherish every pleasurable moment with my loved ones.

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