Sky is the limit for Megan

At the age of 17, Megan Werner is showing youngsters across the globe that with the right mindset, anything can be done.

18 June 2019 | Technology

Ester Kamati

Megan Werner, an experienced model and published author, recently finished building an aircraft along with 20 other youth, which they plan to fly across the continent.

Werner is not only moving mountains, but is serving as an inspiration to other teens; showing them that they are capable of anything.

She grew up in Rhenosterspruit in Lanseria, South Africa and loves fishing, hiking and being outdoors.

She published her first book titled ‘It’s up to me’ at the tender age of 13. She brought together a group of youth who have successfully built an aircraft through the U-dream project.

This aircraft, a Sling 4, will be flown across the continent throughout the month by Werner and her co-pilot Ntando Makwela.

They will be joined by a support plane directed by reputable pilots with aviation experience.

According to Werner, the idea of flying a plane from Cape to Cairo came to her while she was studying, after which she discussed it with her parents.

Thereafter, the decision was made to include up to 20 other African teenagers, so they could build the plane themselves and then fly it across Africa.

Both Werner’s parents are in aviation, so the phrase “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” comes to mind. And it is not surprising that she developed a major interest in aviation.

She is self-inspired and likes to prove to those who don’t believe in her that she is capable of great things.

“When I really believe that I can do something, I don’t mind going the extra mile to show people that I can do it,” she said.

She is currently completing her private pilot’s licence and learnt how to fly planes at Aeronav Academy at Lanseria.

She lists flying as one of her hobbies and hopes to fly commercially in the future. In her free time she enjoys listening to music and taking long, hot baths when she gets the chance, although preparing for the trip has occupied most of her time lately.

The young author has plans to continue with her journey of inspirational talks and mentioned that this project has sometimes been difficult for her, because many people did not believe in her. “They say you are too young but that is the time to show them how it’s done,” she said.

Describing the process of working on the project as amazing and uplifting, she explained that despite the challenges, it was worth every second. She advised young individuals take action and just do it. “Take massive action and keep going until it is done,” she added.

Megan fact Box:

1. She likes practical jokes.

2. She is naughty.

3. She is currently completing her pilot’s licence.

4. She doesn't think she fits into the school system, but that's okay.

5. She finds school really boring and old-fashioned.

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Sky is the limit for Megan

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