Sean headlines tonight

Sean Kamati, who recently dropped his album 'Status Updated', will be headlining tonight at the Warehouse Theatre, with the band that worked on the album with him. He sat down with tjil.

08 March 2019 | Art and Entertainment

tjil (T): How have you been? Has 2019 been good to you thus far?

Sean Kamati (SK): 2019 has been quite good to me so far. It definitely started off with a bang. A few performances and preparations for a big, big show.

T: Biggest challenge you've set for 2019?

SK: 2019 is the year I want to tour the world and perform all over. So the biggest challenge will be making that happen.

T: You were in SA for a while. What did you do there and how was the experience?

SK: I initially went to Cape Town for holiday, just for seven days, but I ended up staying for three months. Thank goodness for those visas. I happened to get quite a few gigs. I had a residency at Alexander Bar and Cafe, performed on the Mirage Yacht twice and landed a performance on the SABC3 show - Expresso. That was amazing. I think I am the first Namibian artist to have landed that.

T: Your album dropped last year, what has the response been so far?

SK: It has been going so well. Internationally, sales have been going well because it is on all major streaming platforms but I am definitely having CDs printed for the local market.

T: You are headlining at the Warehouse tonight… how does that make you feel?

SK: It's actually quite unbelievable that in all my years of singing and since the release of my album, I have not headlined my own show.

I have always been featuring at small Boiler Room gigs (which are great for upcoming artists) and many corporates, but this is the first time that I will be having my OWN show. I am very excited but also quite nervous. I really would like it to be a success.

T: What can the public look forward to?

SK: I am working with the musicians who played on the actual album. So, expect a great live performance with super musicians and a whole lot of energy from me. Be prepared to experience my passion for music with me.

T: Why should they come to your show?

SK: Many people have seen me sing but only few have seen me actually PERFORM. I am giving my all in this show and would want to share that with the public. So, if you love live music, some SOUL, FUNK, CONTEMPORARY music, this would not be the show to miss.

T: What is next for Sean?

SK: Well, I am trying to plan a few performances in Namibia and around the world. The world still needs to hear my music. With that being said I am also working on some collaborations with other artists, but this year is really to push the album.

T: Do you have any other shows coming up?

SK: Not at this time.

T: Favourite song of 2019 so far?

SK: I have two. '7 rings' by Ariana Grande because that is just an entire mood, and 'Tala' by our own Namibian rapper Lioness.

The show starts at 20:00 and tickets are N$200 at the door.

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