Republic of corruption

14 October 2020 | Opinion


Under the previous and current leadership, corruption is escalating at an unprecedented rate. Corruption of all forms has become a daily trade and, to make matters worse, the majority of corrupt acts are carried out in public offices by so-called public servants or servants of the nation. Brown envelopes are outdated practices of the past. Now, corruption has entered a new stage and this new-age corruption takes many forms and shapes.

These people have no shame. Humanity or a godly nature is secondary while selfishness or greed has become their prime nature and god.

They are shameless to the extent of bragging and declaring their so-called wealth, which, by the way, is ill-gotten in corrupt deals. We have loads of corrupt multi-millionaires in this country because of moral decay.

The statistical evidence is undebatable and undeniable, the list is endless and regardless of such evidence, due to the nature of the corrupt networks of comradeship, justice is never served. There's a foolish belief that a person is not guilty until the court declares so, but what if the court declares otherwise regardless of the evidence? It's insane! What happened to common sense?

Haven for corruption

The innocents face prosecution while corruption scientists or engineers walk freely, shamelessly and fearlessly because all systems are captured. These criminals have reduced this country to nothing but a haven for corruption.

This is discouraging to the majority of our students and many are walking away from their studies and engaging in the corrupt networks of comradeship as a short cut to success. Many have graduated and they jobless and so their qualifications are worthless because the jobs are reserved for the comrades or the secret society network. Having a qualification doesn't guarantee you a job if you are not linked to a network of some sort. How sad?

I feel pity for my fellow young generation, after many years of study and restless nights, one ends up empty-handed.

The leadership has betrayed young people by making them believe that education is the key to success when in fact that's not what they are practicing.

All about who you know

In this age of corruption, success is no longer a product of hard work but rather of who you know and whether you can play your cards right by expanding your connections to as many comrades as possible in order to add more zeros to your bank account.

Young people and patriotic citizens of this beautiful land, if you don't stand up against this corruption pandemic, you will all be consumed by it and you'll have nobody to blame but yourselves.

Stop complaining and fix your country. Break the chain of corruption and be a nation of upright people.

Cracks of division

There's no sincerity in the promises and acts of current leadership, they are indeed honourable comrades in organised crime or syndicates.

They defend and cover each other's criminal tracks and foster their comradeship because of fear of exposure if they fall out with each other.

It's the conflict of interest that causes division and infighting; no wonder the cracks of division never cease.

How in the world do you sleep at night knowing that someone out there is homeless, hungry, sick, dying because of your corrupt ways? How can you be proud of ill-gotten wealth? How are you qualified to be called a public servant if you are self-centered?

Corruption in this country is sickening; it's painful to see fellow patriotic citizens being disregarded and betrayed by the very people they trusted to serve them for the betterment of this beautiful country.

I yearn for that day when the upright citizens of this country take a stand against the corrupt spirit that possess these individuals.

The days are numbered, the hour is unknown but when the upright citizens rise up, no force can prevail.

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