Religious sect buries panties

Forensics officers and detectives were dispatched from Gobabis yesterday to dig up a fresh grave on a farm near Omitara– and found a bundle of underwear.

24 March 2017 | Police


A bizarre religious ritual is keeping the Omaheke police on their toes.

The owners of the farm Rooikraal in the Omitara area were shocked when they discovered what appeared to be a fresh grave next to their farm’s perimeter fence yesterday morning.

The grave was discovered by a work crew checking and fixing the fence.

On top of the grave were three burnt red candles.

The police were immediately called and dug up the grave. One metre under the surface they found underwear.

“The maintenance team was patrolling fences this morning when they came across what looked like a fresh grave with three burnt red candles on it. When called out to take a look I decided to go the Omitara police station to ask the officers on duty to investigate. They agreed that it seemed to be a fresh grave,” said Marina Lamprecht.

She said forensics experts and a doctor were summoned from Gobabis. “When the site was dug up a number of pairs of panties were uncovered about one metre deep. Thankfully not a body.”

Deputy Commissioner Chris Kalimbula said the police sent out the Serious Crime Unit to investigate, as they suspected that someone had been killed and buried there.

But all they found were pieces of underwear, a vest and a nightgown. “And the three candles on top of the grave.”

Kalimbula said it was not the first discovery of its kind and it was believed to form part of religious rituals performed by certain churches.

“They wash themselves and go to bury their clothes in these graves. They are just letting us run around to investigate each time, thinking it is a body that is buried, which is a serious waste of resources.”

Lamprecht expressed her dismay at the activity but was relieved that no body had been discovered.

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