Recovering education
Recovering education

Recovering education

Mariselle Stofberg
Enzo Amuele


The education ministry has promised to make efforts to recover and reimagine education in Namibia.

According to the ministry's executive director, Sanet Steenkamp, it has looked into both international and national spaces, as per its mandate, and therefore decided to adhere to the motto of reimaging education, education recovery with renewed enthusiasm and dedicated efforts.


"We say in 2022 we are welcoming back all our teachers and our learners to a two-semester system which will give everybody ample time with concerted and genuine efforts ensure that they act deliberately," she said.

Steenkamp urged teachers and learners to plan and execute their plans.

She also said teachers for each subject will have targets that they will share with parents and learners, which will be monitored across the year. This is to ensure that all the learners in all grades meet the basic competencies of reading, writing and excelling.

"Reading, writing and mathematics are crucial issues; we are going back to basics in 2022. We reinforce that basics allow us to grow and allow us to excel.”

Steenkamp further added that every teacher is at the heart of education recovery.


She called on parents and learners to show respect to teachers, to work together and challenge them when the need arises.

"This year is an important year where we say we dedicate our efforts so that we have deliberate action and academic success," she said.


Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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