Recognising ISWB top achievers

The International School of Walvis Bay managed to obtain a 100% pass rate in the Cambridge AS/A level and IGSCE examination results.

30 March 2021 | Education

PULL QUOTE: Daniel Martins Pao Alvo, learner: “Covid is not going to make it any easier, but remember that we are graced with the internet, use it to the fullest…”


The International School of Walvis Bay (ISWB) boasts with excellent results in the Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced (AS/A) levels as well as IGCSE examination results.

Eight learners sat for the AS/A level examination, achieving a 100% pass rate. They achieved five A symbols, two Bs and nine C symbols.

The eight learners are Daniel Martins Pao Alvo (A level), Agular O’Farril (AS level), Maria Kirov (A level), Zaheerah Satar (AS level), Vetjinda Kaura (AS level), Samilla //Naobes (AS level), Kuundjuane Kavari (AS level) and Edwadine Appollis (AS level).

The Zone caught up with the top eight to hear how they managed and what their plans are for next year.

Satar will be studying law at the University of Namibia (Unam) and she said she was determined to be successful.

“If I can’t be who I want to be now, I can’t become who I want to be later – that kept motivating me. My most challenging subject was Afrikaans and I prepared by reading more Afrikaans and worked out question papers with the help of the teacher and I managed to score 85%.”

She said AS levels are a different ball game. “It is imperative to work from day one. Do not rely only on your teacher as AS levels require in-depth self-study.”

Kavari, who is also the former junior mayor of Walvis Bay, said he will be studying towards a bachelor degree in Accounting at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust).

“To me, it was all about preparation. I planned to study each section and then I worked out old question papers. I also revised what I didn’t understand.”

He said his most challenging subject was English. “Even though my teacher assisted, I believe I did not do enough. I could have tried harder. Always listen to your teachers and make sure you know your textbook.”

Kaura said he trusted his teachers to push him to perform at his best.

“My plans for this year are to play football and study paralegal studies at Unam. English was quite a challenging subject for me, but I worked out questions papers and discussed my ideas with my fellow classmates. I rewrote everything I did not do correctly. I managed to receive 53%.”

He advises his fellow learners to never give up as eventually you will reap the benefits. “Do not listen to those who say AS is difficult.”

Pao Alvo will be pursuing a computer engineering degree in Portugal.

“I wouldn't say that there is a definitive recipe to my success thus far, but more like lessons that I learnt along the way. The main one is that being content with your understanding of a topic is not enough, there is always more to learn and more to practice - practice is key to understanding. I would definitely recommend the use of some sort of revision, be it daily, weekly or monthly, as it’s more beneficial than at first glance.

“Also play around with different study methods. I really enjoy finding practical concepts with the relevant work and making connections accordingly.”

He added that his most challenging subject was chemistry. “Chemistry was the hardest one to tackle but lots of practice and constantly revisiting old topics helped. It all boiled down to understanding that time helps you to develop.” He managed to obtain 62%.

He said AS/A Level is not a joke and is a complete mind shift. “Your understanding and application drastically need to change. Covid is not going to make it any easier but remember that we are graced with the internet, use it to the fullest. YouTube, Wikipedia and other sites are at your fingertips, use them! Ask questions and find answers by yourself. Not everyone is capable to keep up with the work load or rate of learning but everyone is capable of understanding and applying the work.”

O’Farril said her plans are to study architecture while running a small accessory business on the side.

“One thing that really helped me with my studies was doing multiple past papers and recording the trends and similarities between them. This really helped because it helped me develop a sense of familiarity which allowed me to go through the paper with ease instead of fear and worry.”

“For me, physics was quite a challenge as it requires you to understand the most puzzling concepts, but with the help of teachers, the internet and study buddies, one can find a way to tackle these concepts one by one and get through most of them.” She managed to obtain 64% in her most challenging subject.

She advised her fellow learners to not lose hope and to keep a positive attitude.

“I know it may be hard to keep a positive attitude towards your work during a pandemic but it's needed in order to focus on your studies and fight procrastination. Take this time at home and use it to your advantage. Take an hour out of your day to read your textbooks, do some extra research on some of your subjects, and do something that will benefit your academic life during these uncertain times.”

//Naobes’ plans for 2021 are to study towards a bachelor of Accounting (Chartered) at Nust.

“Working hard, focus and consistency is what kept me going during my studies. I struggled a lot with mathematics, so I watched countless YouTube videos and attended extra classes.”

She advised fellow learners in their final year at school to set goals so that they know what they are working towards and to align their actions with that.

IGCSE results

The 40 grade 10 and 11 learners for the IGSCE examinations also managed a 100% pass rate, with 33 A*, 40 A symbols, 53 Bs and 52 Cs.

At ISWB, the IGCSE top performers were Chirstelle Thompson (A* in five subjects and one A in English), Gloria Shivoro (A* in six subjects as well as an A in business studies), Stefan Gellert (A* in one subject and A in three subjects), Angelica Basson (A* in six subjects and one A in mathematics), Vimbai Muganga (A* in one subject and A in three subjects), Josefina Shatumbu (A symbol in three subjects), Muchacho Nechville (A* in seven subjects and A in Afrikaans), Jeanette Piechazek (A in three subjects) and Lara van Rooyen (A* in two subjects and A in physical science).

Additionally, the ISWB is also home to its own online platform where digital classes are offered from Key Stage 3 to A level. Check it out at

[email protected]

The ISWB AS/A level top achievers.

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