Rapes, murder abound

06 March 2019 | Crime

Five cases of rape were reported over the past weekend.

According to the crime report issued by the Namibian police, a 13-year-old girl was raped on Friday at Casablanca Club in Karasburg by a 28-year-old suspect.

The girl is said to have been at the nightclub at the time of the incident, which occurred between midnight and 01:00. The suspect was arrested.

At Epako in Gobabis, a 37-year-old woman was raped, allegedly by a 19-year-old suspect. The police say that the victim, who was “under the influence of alcohol and an epileptic patient, was walking home alone from a bar when she was approached by the suspect who is well known to her”.

He allegedly said her boyfriend was walking just ahead and the two proceeded together. Upon reaching her home, the suspect is said to have hit the woman in the face, causing her to lose consciousness. He the raped her. Two passers-by stumbled upon the man in the act and came to the woman's rescue.

At Talismanus in the Omaheke Region, a cognitively impaired 16-year-old girl was raped, allegedly by a 31-year-old suspect.

The police say “the suspect voluntarily escorted the victim from a neighbouring homestead back to her residence”. It was on the way home that he raped her. He has been arrested and investigations continue.

At Rundu, a 70-year-old pensioner was raped last Wednesday, allegedly by a 39-year-old suspect. According to the police, the victim “was under the influence of alcohol” and was followed home from a shebeen. The suspect was arrested and the police say they are still investigating the matter.

At Mariental on Sunday, a 22-year-old woman was raped during the early hours of the morning. The suspect, age unknown, was arrested and the matter is being investigated.

Killed over liquor

On Saturday morning at Blikkiesdorp in Maltahöhe, a fight over liquor led to the death of Magdalena Engelbrecht (25). According to the police, Engelbrecht and a female friend fought during Friday night over the booze. The fight is said to have ended at around 02:00, but at 06:45 the female suspect returned to Engelbrecht's house with a knife. They fought again, in full view of the community, and as Engelbrecht turned to go back into her home, she was stabbed in the back. She died at the scene. The suspect was arrested and the police are investigating. On Saturday night at Duineveld near Kalkrand, Simon Jagger (22) was stabbed by a 53-year-old man over a memory card which the suspect accused Jagger of selling. The two men began to fight and Jagger was stabbed “with a knife in the neck; the blade broke off”. The suspect was arrested.

At Gibeon around lunchtime on Saturday, Herold Witbooi, 39, was stabbed by a man from whom he had asked a glass. The incident took place inside the Gemsbok bar at the village. “The suspect wanted to know why Witbooi had asked for a glass from him,” the police said, adding the suspect then provoked a fight with a witness at the scene, whom he wanted to stab as well.

“The witness took the knife from the suspect and stabbed him. The suspect ran away.” A case of attempted murder has been opened and investigations are ongoing.

Three suicides by hanging were also reported.


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