President celebrates his birthday

06 August 2019 | Opinion

President Hage Geingob celebrated his 78th birthday over the weekend. The Zone asked Unam students what they would say to the president if they had the chance to ask him a favour.

Tuilika Andreas

I would ask him to try and redefine the future of the schooling system. Some schools are disadvantaged when it comes to facilities, whereas others are privileged. The realisation that learners stay in unsanitary hostels, while others are taught under trees, is hurtful.

Michael Petrus

I’d ask for politicians to have reflective conversations about their failures. Our healthcare system needs attention and there is no excuse for schools not to have proper funding. Ministers should sign contracts that state what they aim to improve, and this should be pragmatic, because goals are often there, but action is rarely taken.

Charmaine Goreses

I would ask the president to allocate more time and money towards educating and training Namibian youth, considering our small population and the great potential we have to impact our economy, and not just become statistics. The government needs to interject and shape the youth.

Zawady Tjijombo

I would ask for university systems to be more favourable towards the students. SRCs need to have a greater impact on the design and improvement of university systems, as they would ensure that student needs are prioritised and met.

Jane Hango

Unnecessary government costs such as state funerals should be cut. The money should rather be invested in health systems and the education of the youth. He should also engage them on political issues. Currently I don’t believe that Namibian youth are ready to run the race and should thus be nurtured.

Nabot Tomas

I would ask him to make our healthcare system the number one priority. People go to clinics or hospitals to seek proper medical care, but are often sent home without any treatment because medicines are unavailable. Healthcare should be patient-orientated and not administration-orientated.

Paulina Hambata

I would ask him to facilitate political mentoring for the youth, because they are willing and ready to learn how the administration of the country should be. It is of utmost significance that we prepare for spearheading further economic and social emancipation.

Madelene Reuter

His excellency should please direct government investment more towards tertiary education. Students received a big fright when NSFAF turned away some of them. Students should not need to worry about funds, after they have worked very hard to meet and/or exceed the set requirements.

Roselli Shiluama

Heroes/heroines should not have state-funded funerals. Most of them have insurance policies that can cover their funerals. This money can be used to improve informal settlements or fund students/learners who are struggling to fund their education.

Annely Ipangelwa

I would ask for the re-evaluation of the structure of the entire political landscape. Perhaps the discrepancies in how you promise to lead and how you lead are affected by a system that can no longer positively maintain the population. This reassessment would aid in improving transparency.

Ainley Amunyela

I would ask that government to be pragmatic about how it wants to address issues, because we have heard a lot of promises that sound good in theory, but the execution is not realised. Government positions should also be stripped of their extravagant privileges.

Saskia Coertzen

I would ask for our own occupational therapy building at the Hage Geingob campus, because it is a new course and I feel like is very valid for Namibia, and more students are needed. I’d also ask for the psychiatric unit at the Windhoek Central Hospital to be renovated.

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