Pot day for Kavango East

05 September 2019 | Politics

The Swapo Party in Kavango East Region is expected to hold its regional conference this morning at Rundu, where the two delegates to be thrown into the 'pot' will be elected.

This follows Swapo Party SG Sophia Shaningwa's eleventh-hour visit to Rundu on Tuesday where she met with the Swapo Kavango East Regional Executive Committee (REC) and the newly elected Rundu Urban district executive committee.

According to sources who attended that meeting, Shaningwa did not mince her words when she lashed out at those party members who are seen as sowing confusion and division.

The source alleged that Shaningwa took a swing at the acting Swapo Kavango East regional coordinator, Bonifatius Wakudumo.

She apparently gave him an ultimatum to either hold the regional conference by today or leave the office.

The regional branch of the party had failed to convene its regional conference to elect its two candidates for the upcoming electoral college.

The bone of contention was with the outcome of the Rundu Urban district conference, which the REC had found had not been done procedurally.

It was alleged that 18 of the 44 branches did not meet the quorum to nominate delegates to the district conference.

Also, the party's wings were not represented as stipulated in the party's constitution.

It was on that basis that the Swapo Kavango East REC had a push-and-pull relationship with the newly elected Rundu Urban district executive committee.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview, Wakudumo said the regional conference would start at 10:00 this morning.

Wakudumo confirmed that he had been given an ultimatum by Shaningwa.

“I was given marching orders by the secretary-general of the party,” Wakudumo said.

Rumours have surfaced that the Swapo Kavango East REC had met shortly after the meeting with Shaningwa and that they were prepared to take the party to court because of the ultimatum.

Wakudumo denied this.

“There is nothing like taking the party to court. We simply got together afterwards to motivate one another to stay strong, as the words that had come from the SG hurt some of them and we needed to show support and be strong and discuss the task at hand.

Nothing of taking the party to court was discussed,” Wakudumo said.

The pot

Wakudumo said all six districts had to conduct their district conferences yesterday so that they could nominate the four delegates from each district to part take in today's regional conference.

The six people nominated by the districts will contest for the two available electoral college spots.

They six are Kavango East regional governor Samuel Mbambo, secretary of the Swapo Kavango East Region Elders' Council Alfons Dikuua, Mukwe constituency councillor John Thiguru, Ndiyona district coordinator Scholastika Muranghuli, Ndonga Linena district coordinator Maria Kanyetu, and Vilho Shikukumwa branch mobiliser Bertha Nyambe.


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