PDK heats it up

A collaboration effort brings the Saka music video to life in true vintage style.

20 September 2019 | Art and Entertainment

First things first; PDK's Saka music video is the best Namibian music video shot in 2019 - let's just get that out of the way. Saka is the second music video of their latest album Grateful.

The trailblazing trio teamed up with Blvc Boxx Entertainment artists Top Cheri, King Elegant and Athawise for this game-changing music video which takes visuals to a whole new level.

Shot in Windhoek by Imagination Studio, the video had over 11 000 views on YouTube in five hours. “We thought we were going to get 2 000 views in the first day of its release but people surprised us,” said Patrick from PDK. The video is about a young boy being chased by a mob, he enters a building where things could still go wrong but he runs into a group of people having fun through music.

The song itself is very catchy thus the video was the perfect accompaniment. Patrick emphasised that Saka is a song where people go crazy when you play it, so they needed to depict the way the song makes people feel.

“The reception to the track and video has been cool, especially because not everyone in the music video is an actor, so it was fun and we got away with a lot of stuff,” added Patrick.

Bringing the video to life included the likes of ZuluBoy AmadazFloor who was tasked with the duty of styling; makeup was done by Lindy Douw while Dion from PDK and Mepani Mbaidjikua from Imagination Studio directed the music video. “It was Namibian brands coming together.

Before shooting this music video some people suggested for us to shoot it in South Africa but we were like, that may have worked for other artists but we want to keep it strictly Namibian,” shared Patrick.

Speaking to tjil ZuluBoy AmadazFloor said working with PDK was a beautiful experience because they allowed him to be himself in as far as creativity goes. He added that the way they shot the video already indicated that it was going to be a game-changing video. “PDK just told me that they wanted the looks and they let me do my magic. I got the suits from Smart Fashion Boutique.

“The ladies in the music video were dressed by the Sequel Vintage store,” said ZuluBoy AmadazFloor.

Another element that stands out about the video is the choreography, which was done by Nje Squad, PDK, Ashley Mbanga, Idda Daniel, Grace Araes, Marscha Kaffer and Kandiwapa Aron. “The child in the video, who is basically the star of the music video, is from Nje Squad a dance group from Tsumeb. They helped a lot with choreography which resulted in those killer dance moves you see,” said Patrick.

Trevor Somseb, the manager of Nje Squad, told tjil that being part of this music video is a huge honour for Nje Squad. Somseb shared that they learned so much from PDK and have been boosted to continue chasing their dreams. The little boy in the video is Somseb's little brother; his name is Valentino Somseb. “This video was a platform for so many creatives to execute their ideas, we were honoured to come on board and help with choreography.

“Working with them was amazing because they are kind, honest and they really push and believe in what they do,” Somseb applauded PDK.

Like other stakeholders involved in the music video, Didi Pedro, cinematographer, motion graphic designer and founder of Imagination Studio, praised PDK for their professionalism. “They came up with the concept and we just had to execute it. They were very helpful thoughout the making of this video,” said Pedro.

Chikiezo Uusizi, an entrepreneur who appreciates Namibian art and is a huge fan of PDK, paid for the actual music video excluding logistic costs.

Do not sleep on this music video, it is first-class.


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