Oopresenda 39 dhAaNamibia otaya si ondjala

Olopota ompe ndjoka ya pitithwa yoState of Food Security and Nutrition muuyuni nuumvo, oya holola kutya oopresenda 39 dhaakwashigwana yaNamibia odha taalela oshikukuta okuza momvula yo 2018, omanga aantu yeli poomiliyona 821.6 muuyuni, kaye na oondya dhagwana.

16 August 2019 | Local News

Olopota ndjika yonuumvo oya tala unene kondjala, ompumbwe yegamenenepo lyoondya oshowo omanyutu, na oya holola kutya ndhika oomvula ndatu dhalandulathana ondjele yondjala tayi londo pombanda muuyuni.

Omwaalu gwaantu mboka ya taalela ondjala unene okwa lopotwa gwa londo pombanda okuza paantu oomiliyona 804 momvula yo 2016, okuya paantu yeli poomiliyona 821 momvula yo 2018. MoNamibia okwa lopotwa kutya aantu mboka ya taalela oshikukuta omwaalu gwawo ogwa londo okuza paantu 500 000 momvula yo 2016 okuya pomiliyona yimwe momvula yo2018 nomwaalu ngoka ogwa kalela po oopresenda 39 dhaakwashigwana yomoshilongo.

Olopota oya tsikile kutya ondjala otayi londo nayi pombanda muAfrica, moka aantu ya thika poomiliyona 260 kwa lopotwa taya dhengwa koshikukuta momvula yo 2018 noopresenda 90 dhaantu mboka aakalimo yomenenevi sub-Saharan Africa.

MoNamibia omwaalu gwaanona ya taalela ondjala oguli pombanda okuyeleka niilongo yilwe yaAfrica, sho omwaalu ngoka gwa thikama poopresenda 27.3.

Omiyalu odha holola kutya oopresenda 7.1 dhaanona yoomvula dhili kohi yantano moNamibia oya taalela uupyakadhi wiiviga yawo yili pevi okuyeleka nomithika dhawo, omanga omwaalu gwaanona mboka yeli kohi yoomvula ntano omithika dhawo omishona okuyelela noomvula dhawo, pauyelele mboka wa tulwa molopota ndjoka.

Nonando ongaaka aanona mboka ye na omithika omishona okuyelaka noomvula dhawo okwa lopotwa kutya omwaalu gwawo ogwa shuna pevi noopresenda 10 muule woomvula hamano dha piti, omanga oomiliyona 149 ye na natango uupyakadhi mboka.

Africa oye e li pevi moka uupyakadhi womithika omishona okuyeleka noomvula itawu shuna pevi.

Momvula yo 2018, Africa oshowo Asia oya lopotwa oopresenda dhi li po 54.9 oshowo 39, dhaanona mbok

Olopota oya tsikile natango kutya iiviha yili pombanda mokati kaantu yoomvula dha yooloka oya lopotwa unene maanona yoomvula dhokuya koskola oshowo maakuluntu.

MoNamibia, ondjele yaakuluntu ye na iiviha yi li pombanda oya lopotwa yili poopresenda 15 na oya guma aantu ye li po 200 000, omanga aanona yeli poopresenda 12.9 na ya guma aanona yeli kohi yo100 000.

Palopota ndjoka ondjala otayi dhenge unene iilongo moka onkalo yeliko tayi shongola, nolopota ndjoka yoState of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2019 oya longekidhwa komahangano giimanga kumwe lyoFood and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), World Food Programme (WFP) oshowo World Health Organisation (WHO).


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