Only Swapo has solutions to Namibia’s problems - Geingob

09 June 2019 | Politics

As the November elections beckon - Swapo leader and Namibia’s President, Hage Geingob believes that the former liberation movement is the only political party on the local scene that can address Namibia’s problems that include unemployment, the teetering economy and division.
Geingob, who is also Swapo’s presidential candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, made these remarks at the Katima Mulilo Sports Complex in the Zambezi Region during the ruling party’s belated 59th anniversary celebration rally on Saturday.
“We are faced with new challenges that only Swapo can solve. The worrying rise of the scourge of tribalism is of great concern. The second phase of the struggle requires the same united approach that was present during the liberation struggle,” Geingob is quoted in his statement issued to the media.
He added that the importance of unity cannot be overemphasised.
“Under the tutelage of comrade (Sam) Nujoma and other Swapo senior leaders, Swapo members united irrespective of tribe, to unite and fight for one common cause,” he said.
Geingob continued that unity was the fuel of Swapo that produced the gallantry, strength and fortitude needed to prevail during the struggle for Namibia’s independence.
“We need to foment the same fervour of unity in order to overcome post-independence challenges,” he reminded his comrades, saying that as the campaign season draws nearer and the subsequent elections, there is a need for self-reflection.
In recent times, the party has been mired by controversy and division.
“This is why I have championed the new narrative i.e. Namibian House, Harambee, No Namibian must feel left out, One Namibia - One Nation. This new narrative connotes unity. As committed and patriotic cadres, we should ensure that Swapo lives up to its motto of a united and hardworking rank and file,” he reiterated.
He added: “I am confident that if we hold hands, we will continue to make gains in our quest for socio-economic transformation of the Namibian people and bring about a more unified, just and prosperous society.”
His call for unity comes at a time when disgruntled party members are before the courts, challenging the legitimacy of Geingob’s presidency while some have come out publicly flirting with the idea of running as independent candidates in the November poll, without relinquishing their membership.
Swapo was birthed on 19 April 1960, and soon thereafter cemented its position as a revolutionary vanguard for Namibia’s struggle for independence.
It is the only ruling party Namibia has known since independence nearly three decades ago.

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