Onkalo yaaniilonga yomoofaalama ya nayipala

Okufaula kiilonga elongitho lyiingangamithi niikolitha tayi eta omatidho miilonga

21 December 2016 | Agriculture

Muule woomvula 14 dha piti, iifuta yaaniilonga yomoofaalama inayi gwedhelwa omanga aaniilonga yamwe moofaalama dhopangeshefa taya futwa natango oondjambi dhi li pevi konima yoomvula mbali ngashiingeyi sho kwali kwa tulwa miilonga ondjambi yopetameko yaaniilonga yomoofaalama.

Elongitho nayi lyiikolitha okwa lopotwa kutya otali dhana onkandaangala onene mokati kaaniilonga mboka na osho unene tashi etitha omakutho milonga. Uuyelele mboka owa hololwa komapekapeko ngoka ga ningwa kombinga yoondjambi dhaniilonga yomoofaalama.

Olopota ndjoka ohayi ningwa kehe konima yoomvula mbali koAgricultural Employers' Association (AEA) okutala kondjambi ndjoka hayi futwa aaniilonga yomoofaalama dhopangeshefa.

Kwiikwatelelwa kolopota ndjoka ya ningwa, maaniilonga ya thika 3 497 o 57 yakalela po ooprsenda 2.28 ohaya mono ondjambi yili pevi lyooN$3.70 ndjoka ya tulwa miilonga mulyotango lyaJuli mo-2014.

Aaniilonga mboka otaya futwa ondjambi yili pokati kooN$2.02 no N$3.69 mowili.

Olopota oya tsikiale kutya ondjambi yokomwedhi yaaniilonga tayi kalelele moofaalaama dhopangeshefa oya tameka pooN$ 1 975.12, naandjoka yi li pombanda oyi li pooN$ 3 320.64.

Pamapekaapeko ngoka ga ningwa ondjambi yaaniionga mboka oya londo pombanda noopresenda 9 okutameka mo-2014.

Nonando ongaaka e yo pombanda ndyoka olya etithwa woo e yo pombanda lyondjambi yaaaniilonga mboka okuza pooN$1 211 okutameka mo -2002 okuya poN$3 320. Naandyoka e yo pombanda nooN$2 109 muule womvula 14.

Omiyalu odha holola kutya pokati ko2008 no 2010 ondjambi yaaniilonga mboka oya li nawa sho ya londo pombanda noopresenda 22 no 24 ihe okwa dhidhilikwa egwo pevi moomvula dho-2012, 2014 no 2016, sha etithwa konkalo yoshikukuta moshilongo. Oondjambi dhaaniilonga mboka natango okwa lopotwa dha yooloka shiikatelela kiitopolwa, niitoplwa ngaashi shaOmaheke no //Karas, okwa lopotwa kutya oyo yi na aaniilonga yomoofaalaama haya futwa oondjambi dhili pombanda pooN$3 450.

Iitopolwa mbyoka oya landulwa kiitopolwa ngaashi Khomas (N$3 357), Otjizondupa (N$3 291), Hardap (N$3 291) noKunene (N$3 053).

iitopolwa yi na oondjambi dhili pevi ongaashi Erongo (N$2 982) nOshikoto (N$2 777).

Elongitho nayi lyiikolitha mokati kaanafaalama okwa lopotwa li li pombanda noonkondo. Okwa lopotwa kutya aagandji yiilonga ya kalela po oopresenda 40.87 oya lopota elongitho nayi lyiikolitha mokati kaaniilonga yawo. Iipotha yathika poo593 oya lopotwa momukokomoko moka mwa ningwa omapekaapeko ngoka.

Olopota natango oya holola kutya omatidho miilonga ga kalela po oopresendaa 23.81. Etompelo limwe lyomatidho miionga, okufaula kiilonga hoka kwa lopotwa kuli poopresenda 27. Oshitopolwa shaShikoto nOtjizondjupa oyo iitopolowa ya kuta miilonga omwalu omunene gwaaniilonga yomoofaalama.

Omiyalu dhoondjambi dhoka dha tothwamo mpaka inadhi kwatelamo iifuta yolupandu yokomvula, iikutu, omiti ooskola nomihandjo, oopenzela oshowo iifuta yosocial security, mwakwatelwa omeya nolusheno. Iifuta mbyoka otayi futwa kaagandji yiilonga na oyi li onga omauwanawa gaaniilonga.


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