Ongwediva pushes development agenda

Development and housing, along with investment potential, are the prime focus points for the Ongwediva town council.

29 August 2019 | Local News

Although the Ongwediva town council spent over N$1 billion on housing infrastructure development between 1999 and 2015, there is still a high demand for serviced land for residential, commercial and industrial investments.

The council is close to finalising the formalisation process of Oshiko extensions one and two, as well as Efidi extension two.

According to council spokesperson Jackson Muma, this development process, which has created 973 plots zoned for residential, business and institutional use, is only waiting for approval by the township board.

Once this process has been completed, existing residents will have an opportunity to buy their properties and acquire ownership.

“The council appointed Stubenrauch Town Planning Consultants to spearhead this project that started in November last year and is expected to be finalised by the end of this year,” Muma said.

“The town council is determined and committed to the process of formalisation of all settlement areas within the borders of Ongwediva in the shortest possible time,” he added.

Muma said Ongwediva is a young and vibrant town. By virtue of its strategic location, excellent infrastructure and unique market to support any investment initiative, Ongwediva offers abundant business development potential.

He said this business development potential had, until recently, not been explored aggressively and the emphasis was primarily on housing development.

“This clearly defines Ongwediva as an undiscovered jewel of northern Namibia. Generally there is a high demand for serviced land for residential and commercial and industrial investments. In response to this demand, the town council has embarked on a number of capital projects to provide for these basic urban services.

“The council believes that capital investment in infrastructure development is a key ingredient for economic growth; and thus such development will attract capital investments in all sectors of the town's economy. And indeed it has,” said Muma.

“The current commercial and industrial areas could be adequate for present and future demand. The planning thereof made provision for future demand and hence, emphasis from the council is squarely on the improvement of the physical infrastructure. As for the commercial area, surfaced roads and complete electrical reticulation have been planned to meet the requirements of prospective investors.”

The council is planning the development of a public recreational park and a sport stadium. It is further engaging business investors to assist in the development of a museum, library and golf estate.

“The town council has, over the past five years, invested over N$100 million in infrastructure development projects. This investment is proof of the continuous efforts by the town council to live up to expectations and improve the living standard of its residents.

“The town council has been engaged in the renovation and upgrading of the town's water reservoirs in order to guarantee uninterrupted water distribution; surfacing of major arterial roads networks; complete electricity reticulation with street lighting for residential areas; and the upgrading of the wastewater disposal facilities,” Muma said.


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