On the decks with DJ AsserDeep

If you love Amapiano and deep house music, he's your guy.

04 October 2019 | Art and Entertainment

DJ AsserDeep has been having pretty impressive and progressive moments in his music career, having been booked almost every weekend in recent months. Here is his story.

He told tjil that he started his DJ'ing career in 2013 as it has been his passion for the longest of times. “I started asking club owners if I could even play two songs, some would let me and some would push me away, but I continued.

“I believe in the saying that if you let go of your dreams because of one 'no' then you never really wanted it so badly,” he said.

Besides being a DJ, he also produces music but he is yet to make beats for other artists. “I have released a few songs and I am currently working on new music.” He mainly plays Amapiano and deep house music, hence the name AsserDeep. He mentioned that the reason for his love of playing deep house music is because it speaks to the soul - relaxing but generating groovy vibes.

“When the genre Amapiano came out I fell in love with it since it's almost like deep music mixed with jazzy and piano notes.

We call it the new age house music,” said the DJ.

When asked what the highlight of his career has been so far, DJ AsserDeep mentioned that his best part has actually been seeing himself elevate from one point to another as well as building his brand which is Expensive Musiq. “Expensive Musiq houses the likes of DJ What What, Cuepoint and Maro.

“Sharing a stage with some of South Africa's prominent DJs including DJ Tira and DJ Zinhle is another highlight in my career. Not forgetting sharing the stage with our own top artists King Tee Dee and Gazza who groom us in the entertainment industry. I am grateful to them and I appreciate them,” said DJ AsserDeep.

The DJ recently released his Extend Play (EP) titled 017 Musical Theory, which he says is receiving adequate attention from music fans. He frequently collaborates with DJ Shoza and the two have given us hit songs like VW Badge in Trouble and Man with a Hat.

Sharing his views on DJ'ing as a career in Namibia and whether DJs get the respect they deserve for their services, DJ AsserDeep said in Namibia the DJ fraternity is still a work in progress but the industry is just like any other sub-industry of the main music scene.

He added that it is steady but they will eventually get there, stating that DJs also encounter ups and downs.

“Some shows you get to have a smooth negotiation and at some shows you are disappointed but what can we do, we move on and keep going.

For the respect part I guess it depends on the management of your brand, and how you conduct your business also plays a role in the type of treatment you get,” he said.

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