Omunandholongo a lundulwa omolwa egameno lye

25 September 2017 | Police And Crime

Ompangu yoPombanda mOndoolopa yaShakati, oya gandja epitiko oshiwike sha piti, opo ku lundululwe omulumentu ngoka ta tamanekelwa oshipotha shedhipago, okuza mondjeedhililo yaShakati okuya moshitopolwa shaZambezi.

Ezimino ndyoka olya ningwa sha landula shoBester Matengu Lulatelo (45) a ponokelwa mondjeedhililo yaShakati, oshiwike sha piti..

Lulatelo pamwe naanadholongo yakwawo yaali, oya ponokelwa kaanadholongo yakwawo konima sho ya tulwa mondjeedhililo.

Otaku popiwa kutya eponokelo ndyoa olya longekidhwa, sho omunambelewa gwopolisi a patulula omweelo moka mu na Lulateko, nokupitikilamo aaponokeli ye.

Lulatelo okwali a falwa koshipangelo nalwanima okwa lundululilwa mondjeedhililo yopolisi yaNgwediva.

Omupopiliko gwopolisi yaShana, Thomas Aiyambo, ina vula okugandja uuyelele kombinga yeponokelo ndyoka.

Omukalelipo gwopaveta gwaLulatelo, Phineas Nsundano, okwa pula ompangu, opo omuyakulwa gwe a lundululilwe kopolisi yaKongola moshitopolwa shaZambezi.

Omupanguli Marlene Tommasi, okwa zimine opo Lulatelo, a falwe kondjeedhililo hoka, noshipotha shoka osha undulilwa komasiku ga5 gaFebruali mo02018.

Lulatelo ota tamanekelwa oshipotha shedhipago lyaKalimukwa Sabrina Mpambo, ngoka a hwikwa sigo omeso momukunda Sikwekwe popepi noKongola moshitopolwa shaZambezi, momasiku 22gaJuni mo-2015.

Ota tamanekelwa woo shipotha shokutomeka omulilo ondunda yaMpambo yokulala, oshowo ekwatepombambyona lyokamonamati ke esiku olyo tuu ndyoka.

Okwa tulwa miipandeko momasiku 23 gaJuni mo-2015.


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