Omuleli moPDM oshowo yakwawo ye li po 400 ya ndjoina APP

24 January 2019 | Politics


Omunambelewa Omukwatakanithi gwongundu yoPopular Democratic Movement (PDM) moshitopolwa shaShana, na oku li oshilyo sheleleo lyongundu ndjoka, Vincent Asser okwa thigi po ongundu yawo nokuwayimina ongundu yoAll People’s Party (APP).

PDM okwa tseyitha kutya Asser oku li mongundu yiilyo 400 mbyoka ya thigi po ongundu ndjoka moshitopolwa ngaashi Oshana, Omusati, Oshikoto oshowo Ohangwena.

Asser okwa koleke ethigepo lyongundu yoPDM pethimbo lyomutumba gwiikundaneki ngoka gwa ningwa mOndangwa, ngoka gwa kaliwa woo komupeha presidende gwongundu yoAPP, Reinhold Madala Nauyoma oshowo ngoka ta longo pehala lyamushanga ndjai gwongundu ndjoka, Vincent Kanyetu.

Asser okwa popi kutya okwa tokola okuthiga po ongundu ndjoka molwaashoka oya ndopa okumutala konima sho a longo nuudhiginini pethimbo lyomahogololo gomvula yo 2014 oshowo omahogololo gomalelo goondoolopa mo 2015.

Okwa popi kutya okwa kala omukwatakanithi gwoPDM mOshana uule woomvula dha thika pu 5 ihe ongundu ndjoka kayi na naye oyi na owala nayo uuna shuuka pomahogololo.

Okwa tsikile kutya okwa kondjo nokulonga nuudhiginini sigo ongundu ndjoka ya mono omawi melelo lyondoolopa yaShakati oshowo Ondangwa, na okwa popi kutya sho ta wayimine oAPP ota faalele aantu mboka a wayiminitha moPDM.

Omupeha amushanga gwwoPDM na oku li kansela melelo lyaShakati, Linus Tobias, okwa popi kutya ke na ontseyo kombinga yetokolo lyaAsser.

Kanyetu okwa popi kutya oya kala taya ningi omahwahwameko gawo monooli yoshilongo na oye shi pondoka okumona iilyo ya thika po 400. Okwa popi kutya yendji oya zilila kongundu yoPDM.

Kanyetu okwa popi kutya elalakano lyomutumba ngoka gwiikundaneki ya ningi okutyapula epondolo lyawo moshitopolwa shonooli yoshilongo.

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