Nust SRC initiates helping hand campaign

Programme to assist needy students

06 October 2020 | Education

Enzo Amuele

The Student Representative Council (SRC) of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) has joined hands to support needy students through the Covid-19 emergency programme for higher education institutions and students.

The helping hand campaign that was initiated by the SRC in June is aimed at pleading with the Nust community to help donate electronic devices to poor students. According to the SRC, the initial plea to help the needy students did not receive enough attention, hence the implementation of the campaign.

With the issues around connectivity devices and laptops for Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) and Namibian self-funded students being resolved, there are still several students affected.

The council in a media release commended the minister of higher education, training and innovation for the Covid-19 emergency support programme for higher education and students. The programme, however, is only helpful to the Namibian students, especially those who can afford the N$3 345. International students are excluded from the Covid-19 emergency support programme.

The SRC says the university still has two categories of needy students that are affected: Namibian students who cannot afford the N$3 345 to meet the government halfway. There are about 200 students (and still counting) of this category who are from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. Out of the 682 registered international students, about 78 are disadvantaged.

According to SRC president Lelian David, the campaign is to help students who are really in need. “Nust, being an internationally recognised institution, accommodates both national and international students. The Nust Student Representative Council being the only recognised voice of Nust students,it is our mandate to represent all students, bearing in mind that no one should be left behind. It is for this reason we advocate for both national and international students,” she says.

Reduction of tuition fees for second semester

The Nust SRC has submitted a letter through the department of student services to the university’s executive committee, demanding a reduction in tuition and registration fees. The letter, dated 14 September 2020, states that the pandemic prompted the institution to migrate to online learning and having few students on campus grounds.

Students had to resume their studies online, not receiving the initial service they had paid for. However, fewer expenses were incurred by the institution as it did not accommodate the usual number of students.

The following arrangements by the Management Committee of Council (MCC) concerning the registration fees were made:

1. All self-funding students that have settled their first semester accounts are allowed to register without paying a deposit.

2. Students that owe N$12 500 or less, and have financial difficulties, may approach the Department of Student Services and make arrangements based on the following conditions:

2.1 You pay a deposit of N$2 000;

2.2 You make payment arrangements by completing a Payment Agreement Contract, found on the NUST website (Payment Agreement Contract may also be collected at the Department of Student Services);

2.3 You present proof of how the repayment will be done.

PHOTOS : Contributed

Photo 1 : NUST

Photo 2 : SRC President Lelian David.

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