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NMH soon to host the second annual career expo

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Namibia Media Holdings last year launched its first virtual career expo called ‘Career VX’ which speaks to university students as well as different careers one can take on. This also targets school leavers and those who are looking for bursaries, internships and want to redirect their careers.

The second annual career expo will be live-streamed on the My Zone and Careers Hub Facebook pages on 12 August 2021. The theme this year is ‘Unfolding Your Skillset’ which focuses on how to build your skillset from a tender age. A skillset refers to the range of skills, experiences and abilities necessary to acquire and perform a job.

There will be different careers featured on the platforms which entail the nature of the specific profession as well as the requirements one needs for it.

Unfolding your skillset

There are a few types of skillsets. At the top of the list are soft skills, which are interpersonal or ‘people’ skills. They are difficult to quantify and relate to a person’s personality and ability to work with others and happen to come across more clearly during an interview.

Secondly, we have hard skills which are specific knowledge and abilities required for a job. They are quantifiable and teachable and can easily be listed on the resume.

Thirdly, we have transferable skills which apply to many different career fields and include soft skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, or hard skills such as writing and math ability, and lastly, we have job-specific employment skills which are skills necessary for a particular position.

You need to practise these within your school environment, whether it be high school or tertiary. Be able to hold a substantial conversation with someone - that way you are already laying a foundation for your future working environment.

Graduates soon to be employees, take note: When finalising your CV after receiving your qualification make sure that your curriculum vitae is not just visually attractive but it should sell you before you enter that interview room. For example, if you're seeking an administrative job, communication skills and customer service skills are helpful soft skills to list but make sure it aligns to your real interpersonal skills.

Scholars take note: You might feel left out after reading this article, what I would advise you to currently work on or start building is firstly nurturing a sense of responsibility that goes beyond just completing homework on time or constantly having good grades. In fact, having a sense of responsibility goes far beyond the exit of the school gate; it consists of your behaviour as an individual and how you allow your choices to be influenced by the people around you. Also, try and work on resolving the conflicts that you face daily. This will assist you in the adult world.

For more information about the Career VX, please visit www.careervx.com


Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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