NGOMA nominees 2018

The NGOMA awards are in their second year, despite hiccups.

10 August 2018 | Art and Entertainment

The Namibia Gospel Music Awards (NGOMA) are the country's premier awards, recognising all genres of gospel, from traditional to contemporary. Established in 2016, the awards are a platform for saluting and appreciating excellence in the gospel music industry in Namibia. The awards were founded by the Namibia Gospel Music Association (NGMA). The association fosters interest in gospel music among the general public. According to the organisers, NGOMA is built on the philosophy of inclusiveness that recognises, celebrates and honours gospel music artists, writers and industry professionals. The first awards held in 2016, had nine categories and 54 nominees. This year, there are 11 categories and 69 nominees.

“We could not host these awards in 2017 due to financial constraints. After seeing the demand and need for gospel awards and a gospel culture in Namibia, we decided to make these awards an annual event. To better celebrate gospel in Namibia we have partnered up with the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to make this dream a reality,” said organiser ­Silas Nghishihange. Preparations for the NGOMAs are well on the way, but there are some major financial challenges to date, added Nghishihange. He says it is unfortunate that the genre of gospel is not recognised enough for sponsorship by many institutions. He also said that interestingly enough, many faith-based institutions are not coming through as they have anticipated.

“We understand that the country is going through a recession and that these are tough times, however, we urge all businesses, corporates, private sponsors, partners and churches to see this as an investment in arts and the culture of gospel. This is to encourage those that have been nominated to better master their craft as musicians to compete at international standards. Although faced with the above-mentioned challenges we are not weary and are pushing forward, hoping and trusting God to come through, even at the very last hour, for nothing is impossible with God,” he added.

The awards are to be held on 29 September, at the NamPower Convention Centre in Windhoek.

NGOMA categories nominees 2018

Best Worship Song

Manda Gabrielers - Nji Hena Viteli

Abner Mumbala - Who Will Stand in Holy

Jahcoh Mushongo - Dimbuluka

Genny Ihemba - Njambi ua lela

Ndina Shafuda - Ieuya Okutokola

Best Praise Song

J.I.K Couple - Mavu Zolelenu

Andrew halupe - Ocisola

Simon Sixteen - Twiimbileni Mwene Zambi

Priscilla Swartz - Thank you Lord

Paulus Imbodi - Victory

Daniel Babi - Ocisola

Best Gospel Rap

Franklin &DEE A - He Saves

Effy - Halleluyah

D Naff - Inoshuna Monima

AB - Ndikuhole

Fire 16 - I saw God last night

Doctor Peter - It has been won

Best Gospel New Comer

Adoration HC - Uumbudu Medly

Pride - Grace

Trudie - My life

Johannes Uugwanga - Om'kulili

Divinesky - Resurrection

Noel - Kuhena Kwilu

Best Gospel Video

Alama - We worship you

Andrew - Ngeno Jesus

D Naff - Inoshuna Monima

Adoration HC - Uumbudu Medley

Kolesa Gospel Band - Fungena

Maranatha - In your presence

Best Gospel Producer

House Guru

Spirit National Sounds

Tulela Music Production

Best Gospel Single

Pride - Grace

Rodney Seibeb - Sadu/nami

Alex Shiwayu - We are running out of time

Chisengo Nikanor - Amen

Ruth - Praise the Lord

Uendjizuva uahupirapi - Jerusalem

Best Gospel Album

Lala Sakeus - The journey

D Naff - D Naff vs Naftalie

Lady Dyna - Set Apart

Jux Adolf - Aishe paife otaiwanifwa

Nashy Makoma - Walk in the light

Khwezi - Opening Heaven Gates

Best Gospel Song of the Year

Lady Dyna - Ndafulungana

Sovita Josua - Ila kujesus

Maranatha - In your Presence

Jux Adolf - Asivayi

Martin Uukunde - Vanamibia popyeni Oshili

Effy - Halleluyah

Best Female Artist of the Year

Manda Gabriel - Kongeni Omwene

Lady Dyna - Ndafulungana

Maranatha - In your presence

Khwezi - Opening gates of Heaven

Priscilla Swartz - Thank you Lord

Sovita Josua - Ila kuJesus

Best Male Artist of the Year

Martin Uukunde - Va Namibia popyeni oshili

Abner Mumbala - Who Will Stand in Holy

Effy - Halleluyah

Jux Adolf - Asivayi

Franklin & DEE A - Victory

D Naff - Inoshuna Monima

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