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Shaquille Shikwambi, is the chief executive officer and founder of Generation Genesis TV. A broadcasting multimedium content production, distribution, management and marketing.

09 November 2021 | Art and Entertainment

Monique Adams

Born in Windhoek but grew up in Tsumeb he started his grade one to seven at Elim primary school and completed his high school at Jan Möhr secondary school.

Growing up Shaquille Shikwambi has always been an active, confident and extremely talkative child. “I’ve always been a born leader, so growing up I’d lead my friends and I into the craziest adventures,” Shikwambi says.

When he moved to Windhoek, Shikwambi reflects on how his high school years played a big part of who he is today.

His always been a creative from a very young age, while he was in primary school Shikwambi was a radio presenter and reporter for Uitani Child Line Life Line radio.

This platform spoke about young people and what experience the youth get confronted with. It educated and used fellow children as spokespersons to give it a relatable feel to the show.

At that moment Shikwambi fell in love with the industry. With his fiery passion he was fortunate enough to act in a Namibian short film ‘Dead River’ directed by Tim Hubschle.

This film was also nominated for best upcoming actor and ever since that moment he knew that he should make sure to do exactly this once he completes his secondary education.

The idea of Generation Genesis TV started in 2017 but full operated in 2018.

“Initially my partners and I knew we wanted to create a platform for young people to create. We got together, built a small team, got the paperwork done and is built a five year plan,” he says.

On the Generation Genesis TV, Shikwambi started Namibia’s very first ‘Bro Code’ and go the inspiration from his good friend and himself watching the popular ‘Guy Code’ South Africa on MTV.

“We looked at the show, analysed how they could have done it and we realised that we can make our version. We have equipment, we have the resources so what is stopping us? I spoke to my partners about the idea and the rest is history,” he says.

One of the challenges Shikwambi faced in the industry is proving that they are capable of producing quality content and being consistent enough to stay relevant.

How they overcame challenges they face is working together well to produce quality content.

Shikwambi further speaks on the lack of collaborative efforts in Namibia.

“We unfortunately live in a country where the creative and entertainment industry is not thriving compared to other countries. In a Namibia a lot of creatives choose to fight for the little crumbs the industry is making, instead of coming together and baking a cake big enough for us all,” he says.

His highlight for the year so far was when the guests they had for Bro Code told him that they are and were being stopped in public by strangers to laugh together on something they said or spoke about on the show.

Which shows that people are watching his work and this motivates him and his team to continue creating quality and innovative work.

Interesting facts:

1. He does not like rice, he think its weird food.

2. He is a Capricorn.

3. His a kid at heart.

4. He fears owls.

5. His spirit animal is a Silverback Gorilla.

Advice he would like to share is, “The ability to change the social, political and cultural powers or structures that govern people’s lives is the true heart of development”, this is something my HOD at the college of the arts told me in our first year and it has stuck with me ever since. I do not fully agree with the statement because it speaks from a selfish perspective. I believe that the ability to empower people to change or influence the powers that govern their lives is the true heart of change or development.”

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