Never a dull moment

From chasing deadlines, to chasing clients or creating campaigns and events, Suné Tietz never has a dull moment.

20 September 2019 | Business

Evany van Wyk

Suné Tietz is an account manager at TinCup Digital Marketing Agency and is originally from East London in South Africa.

Growing up, she had the privilege to see and live in several places in South Africa.

The biggest part of her life was, however, spent in Pretoria.

Emigrating might have scared a lot of people, but Tietz did not shy away, as Namibia holds a very special place in her heart.

At the end of 2018, she was privileged to marry a Namibian and moved to this wonderful country that she now gets to call home.

“Namibians are friendly and always make you feel at home,” said Tietz.

She added that coming from a big city made Namibia feels like a retreat that is far from that rushed feeling she experienced in South Africa.

Tietz wanted to pursue a career in teaching when she was younger.

She sees teaching as vastly similar to what she does now.

“If I were a teacher, I would have helped children to grow and reach their potential, but today I help people and businesses to grow and reach the vision they have set for their businesses,” Tietz said.

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in communication at North-West University in Potchefstroom and subsequently proceeded with her bachelor of commerce degree in tourism management studies.

Starting her own company at the age of 23 was a big challenge, but at the same time a big accomplishment in her life.

“Doing this pretty much straight out of university was probably the best learning curve I could have wished for, and it gave me direct insights into various industries and how marketing can affect those companies and organisations,” she said.

While running her own business, she met amazing, creative and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Because of the move to Namibia, she did not want to leave her clients to the wolves - so to speak - and referred them to these entrepreneurs with happy hearts.

Her current job is with an advertising agency that does all the classic advertising activities, but is predominantly focused on online and digital marketing.

They create campaigns and websites for companies and organisations.

If companies want to communicate in any way with their stakeholders online, they often use Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, etc.

“TinCup helps them create the strategy and executes every aspect of this strategy, so they reach as many stakeholders as possible with their campaign,” Tietz explained.

She describes being at the forefront of social media and digital marketing in Namibia as immensely fulfilling.

Clearly passionate about her job, she says she’s glad and proud to be part of the revolution from the start.

“Hopefully I will continue to be part of the growth of this sector,” she added.

Tietz says her work is great and varied, and there’s never a dull moment in sight.

“From chasing deadlines, to chasing clients or creating campaigns and events, it is a great deal of fun and very satisfying to say the least.”

According to Tietz, her ultimate motivation comes from the people she surrounds herself with.

“My husband, family and friends have always encouraged me to do what my heart tells me,” she said.

She is a strong believer that one has to make the best of every situation. When Tietz was little, her parents always told her that it is not how you begin, but rather how you end something that matters.

The best piece of advice is to always seek the positive in every situation.

“If you receive criticism, take the words to heart that can make you a better person, and leave the negative behind and forget about it.”


Suné Tietz is passionate about her job and dedicated to making a success of it.


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