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Ndeitunga wants more manpower for police
Ndeitunga wants more manpower for police

Ndeitunga wants more manpower for police

Cindy Van Wyk


Police chief Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga says the force has an urgent need to address the increasing shortage of manpower, which hampers service delivery.

Speaking at the Police Day celebrations held at Tsandi in the Omusati Region recently, he shared the same sentiments as Oshana regional commander Rauha Amwele, who last week expressed concern about the lack of police manpower in the region.

She said many members retiring, some resigning, some being discharged and death have contributed to a lack of manpower in the police, with no replacement.

Ndeitunga added that when the force was established in 1990, there were only 800 men and women in uniform. The number grew to 18 000 at some point, but continues to drop due to a high turnover rate.

"The force has reached the strength of 14 800 men and women, an achievement attributed to government’s efforts of availing resources to acquire more personnel," he said.

The police chief, however, said he is concerned because the majority of members are retiring in less than three years, adding that there is an urgent need to inject new blood into the force.

Neither Ndeitunga nor Amwele had figures on hand on how many new recruits the force will be taking up, which can be seen as a positive development as Namibia continues to fight a high unemployment rate.

Servants of the people

Speaking at the same occasion, safety and security minister Albert Kawana said the Namibian police are entrusted with the very important task of protecting lives and properties, while at the same time ensuring the safety and security of the country.

He used the platform to remind police officers that just like those who occupy public offices, they should remain servants of the people at all times.

"They should serve the community to the best of their abilities. They must command the respect of their community," he said.

Kawana also called on the police to promote fundamental human rights and freedom.

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Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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