Ndeitunga takes aim at WhatsApp insulters, politicised cops
Ndeitunga takes aim at WhatsApp insulters, politicised cops

Ndeitunga takes aim at WhatsApp insulters, politicised cops

Ileni Nandjato
Nampol Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga has warned “young ones” insulting national leaders and police officers who are aligning with political candidates, saying they will be dealt with.

Ndeitunga has ordered regional police commanders to call to order ill-disciplined young people in their regions, saying if they don't do so, they themselves would be called to order.

He said the police would deal with “young ones” who insult national leaders on social media, saying “enough is enough”.

He made these remarks during the opening of the Oshana police headquarters at Oshakati on Friday.

“We have our national leaders who have been elected by members of the public being insulted and humiliated by these young ones after they were freed. Instead of enjoying the responsibility of their freedom of expression, they are insulting elders through WhatsApp. We know them and we will deal with them,” said Ndeitunga.

“You can complain, criticise and demand proper and efficient services from people you elected in power, but there is no article in the constitution that empowers you to humiliate and deregulate someone. The dignity of each and every person according to our constitution should be respected by everyone. Our leaders should be respected.”

At the same event Ndeitunga warned police officers who engage in political activities and aid and abet criminals.

“I warn police officers some of who are becoming politicians or aligning with politicians publicly, which is against the code of conduct of the Namibian police.

No police officer is allowed to be actively involved in political activities. Some of them are even stealing documents to feed outsiders.

“If you want to become a politician, either an independent candidate… then you must go out of the police force.”

Ndeitunga said the new multimillion-dollar police headquarters at Oshakati is a public office and those who will be operating from it are expected to act as public servants, and not bosses who claim ownership of the office.



Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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