Nauyoma released on N$500 bail

22 January 2019 | Justice


Affirmative Repositioning (AR) activist Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, who clashed with City Police officers over an alleged unlawful eviction in Okuryangava on Friday, has been released on N$500 bail.

Nauyoma appeared before the Katutura Magistrate’s Court late yesterday afternoon and was released on bail on condition that he does not interfere with ongoing police investigations into the matter.

He was also warned not to interfere with police and City Police officers during the execution of their duties.

Nauyoma, who suffered injuries including broken ribs after a rough ride in a police van following his arrest, returned to a local hospital after his court appearance.

A flock of AR supporters and sympathisers convened at the court yesterday in support of the activist, who has been described as a “political detainee”.

AR had in fact successfully sought a High Court order on Friday evening which forced the police to take him to hospital for medical attention.

Nauyoma is accused of instigating public violence, obstructing police officers while they performed their duties, unlawfully grabbing municipal land and erecting illegal structures on it.

Four other activists and community members were arrested on Saturday. They were released yesterday on a warning.

Nauyoma’s lawyer, Kadhila Amoomo, told the court that they would apply to the High Court to have the Squatters Proclamation 21 of 1985, under which his client was arrested, declared unconstitutional.

Amoomo said this proclamation was an integral part of the apartheid state, which did not support any form of activism, while today Namibia is a democratic country, making this proclamation irrelevant.

He also told the court he could not see why bail conditions were set, as in his view there was no investigation and no case against his client.

Amoomo said he felt the bail conditions were included to censor his client, who is a land activist who deals with illegal evictions.

He also felt these conditions gave the State the power to arraign his client again, and withdraw bail.

Prosecutor Pieter Smit said the bail conditions were very general and it remained legal for the accused to move around as he wished.

He said Nauyoma could not have been released on a warning, as it was a sensitive case that had drawn massive public interest.

Magistrate Atutala Shikalepo presided.

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