Namibians must reject the regime change agenda

23 October 2020 | Opinion

Kazenambo Kazenambo

Retrogressive forces and reactionary elements are hard at work, pursuing overt and covert attempts for achievement of regime change in Namibia. They are appearing in different shapes and forms, exploiting Namibia's stable and peaceful democratic political environment in many abusive ways.

They are roaming around and about, far apart and closely, masquerading as democrats and patriots. These unscrupulous agents and drivers of devilish destructive political change are misleading and manipulating none vigilant gullible victims (particularly some novice black youth who are still politically wet behind their ears and some naïve self-centred racist whites) in Namibia. The agents of regime change are unashamedly determined to turn Namibia into an ungovernable nation- state to be afflicted by political turmoil identical to that seen in Albania, Bosnia, Somalia, Syria, South Sudan, Zimbabwe etc.

Their evil regime change unjust course which is fuelled by personal hatred on the basis of revenge or vengeance, tribalism, racism, greedy, corruption, chauvinism, nepotism, favouritism, regionalism and other retrogressive tendencies must be rejected with all contempt it deserves.

The ongoing anti-Swapo Party's led government narrative which is being pursued by some political turncoats, imperialist agents and their foreign masters and handlers, is purely grounded on the destabilisation conspiracy theory nothing more nothing less.

There is no any progressive Namibian who will wish or want to see peaceful and prosperous Namibia being turned into another pawn, theatrical war centre or springboard of political destabilisation in the international architecture of global politics.

The human suffering and economic ruin which manifest themselves during and post regime change explosion, are always devastating, therefore difficult to contemplate or imagine. Thus, once a country is targeted with political destabilisation, everybody in it automatically becomes a loser irrespective, like we have seen it in Libya, Syria, Zimbabwe and elsewhere.Temporal winners or beneficiary from foreign instigated regime change political turmoil such as the one afoot in Namibia at the moment, are international small arms smugglers, illegal narcotics dealers, human traffickers, and their local puppet collaborators, who turn the targeted country into a market for illicit trade, and a theatre of civil wars. This is always the case, because when civil strife takes its toll, the rule of law gets undermined, weakened and in its absence, the business environment shrinks or collapses resulting into closure of companies that migrate to stable and peaceful international markets where the rule of law may still prevails.

Foreign engineered, sponsored, influenced and instigated anti-government propaganda propagated by some hired local puppet politicians, captured media entities, civic organisations such as some NGOs etc has effectively destroyed newly independent and vulnerable fragile weak nations across the globe.

Many, if not all the citizens of the targeted countries, later regret their collaboration with foreigners for the political destabilization of their countries, when some of them become refugees and second-class citizens in foreign countries.Regime change takes place in a political environment where unlawful political activities propagated and done on the basis falsehood against the government, targeted politicians, journalists, human rights activists, business personalities (in a nutshell individuals and organizations) are deliberately blackmailed and vilified without any justification, such as it is happening in Namibia at the moment.

Regime change manifestations and activities such as unlawful protests etc. are purposefully staged without any justifiable course in order to stoke and fan anti-government emotions, amongst ill-informed groups and individuals easy to manipulate and mislead. These dirty political tactics and strategies are the ones which are currently being employed in Namibia by the imperialist agents of regime change who must be rejected with all contempt they deserve by all the progressive and peace-loving Namibians, and our developmental partners here and abroad. Namibia is slowly but surely being pushed to the brink or edge of potential civil war or other undesired political catastrophic consequences. All progressive Namibians irrespective of political affiliation, religious background, economic status, ethnicity etc must close ranks, and in unison say a big no regime change in Namibia, and in the same vein and breath reject all those dark forces who are wickedly working hard to make Namibia ungovernable to our collective detriment and disadvantage. This is so, because, if Namibia is to be sunk by regime change, we will all suffer as a collective irrespective of our difference as citizens and residents of Namibia, therefore we must reject it in unison as a collective.

From all the case studies of regime change destabilisation scenarios, I am yet to come across any case which has yielded sustainable positive results. I met many citizens from countries which were once visited or befallen by regime change political destabilisation who now regret the prevailing political and economic situations of instability in their countries. In London and other capital cities of the world, I have met homesick taxi drivers, menial cleaners at hospitals and hotels from Iraq, Libya, Zimbabwe and others who have fond memories of how they were once prosperous citizens in their respective countries. Some introduced themselves to me as professors, doctors, or former successful this or that status (business persons or politicians) owning big real estate properties back home. Many if not all of them now sadly hate their present status, therefore harbouring some dislike towards their host countries and people.

To sum up, one hope that, some of the Namibians who are blindly buying into the unjustifiable regime change euphoria of fabrications, fake news, distortions, twisting facts, manipulations, bullying and lies, in the end will not be like those menial workers in London, New York, Berlin, Paris mentioned above, who now regret the regime change which took place in their countries with the aid/help of their blind support and endorsement, but who now hate and are ashamed of the hard reality of their economic or political refugee status in foreign capitals.

The Namibian electorate or citizenry ought to remain vigilant, wary and intolerant of political demagogues and opportunists who lacks any progressive ideological grounding who are loosely roaming the streets of Namibian towns and cities purporting to be democrats and patriots while the truth is the opposite (rogues and hypocrites).

Majority, if not all of these elements who are propagating for regime change in Namibia by making the country ungovernable, are characters with shaky, shoddy and questionable political background. Many if not all of them are political grasshoppers who hopped from one political party or another.

Kazenambo Kazenambo is a Swapo member and former Cabinet ministe

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