Namibian politics 'meaningless'

With elections fast approaching, local analysts are of the view that politics in Namibia mean nothing and have no real value.

03 September 2019 | Politics

Namibian politics has lost meaning and degenerated to levels never witnessed before, local analysts have said.

In an interview with Nampa, political commentator Ndumba Kamwanyah said political leaders are mum on issues of national concern and only become vocal when they can score political points or get attention.

Much of this is to be blamed on political parties that thrive on political opportunism and a gullible electorate that has failed to hold those in political office accountable, he said.

“When they debate issues, they just scratch the surface. The debates in parliament have degenerated and are very shallow. Politics has no meaning. People just take up political positions for their sake,” Kamwanyah lamented.

Another political expert Phanuel Kaapama said: “Politicians cannot just move with the wind. You cannot be a free marketer in the morning but a socialist in the afternoon. Politicians must be guided by principles.”

Local lawyer-cum-political pundit Natjirikasorua Tjirera disagreed with the perception that Namibians are gullible people who have accepted the mediocrity they are subjected to by political leaders.

“I don't think we have accepted mediocrity per se. The question is do we really have anything tangible to choose from? Do we have an alternative?”

According to Tjirera, the Affirmative Repositioning movement has shown through its proactive approach that the government can be held accountable.

Meanwhile, leader of the official opposition Popular Democratic Movement, McHenry Venaani dismissed sentiments that they are reactionaries as the opposition.

“We are a proactive political organisation that deals with problems as they come. Which party has been telling government to shut down Air Namibia? Which party pioneered the discourse that Air Namibia was a bottomless pit? How many motions have we brought to parliament? I think journalists must also be fair that we are doing our work. There is no issue that has not been championed by PDM,” he said. Mike Kavekotora, who leads the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), described the assessment by the analysts as “utter nonsense”, adding that certain events have to take place first for a reaction to happen.

“Just because I know that you will die one day does not mean I should already send out my condolences. You have to die first,” he said.

Kavekotora mentioned that for years, they have been on the GIPF issue and other corruption cases.

“But as you know, due to the ongoing investigations, we could only ask when those implicated in the GIPF looting would face the wrath of the law. Now, when Martha Imalwa, the prosecutor-general, comes out and says those who stole from taxpayers will go free, do you expect us to keep quiet just because someone will call us reactionaries?”

Kavekotora then took swipe at local political analysts.

“Let those analysts talk about Swapo and how it has milked dry the state coffers. Let them assess the situation holistically because for now, we see them as agents of Swapo,” he said.

– Nampa

Edward Mumbuu

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