Namibia praised for transparency

The African Peer Review Mechanism says the Country Self-Assessment Report produced by Namibia is of high quality and provides a balanced view of good governance.

16 November 2021 | International



The African Peer Review Mechanism has praised Namibia for its transparency during its review of the Country Self-Assessment Report (CSAR).

At a feedback session in Windhoek on Wednesday, Ambassador Ombeni Yohana Sefue commended Namibia for its cooperation during the African Peer Review Mechanism’s visit this month.

“We didn’t lack anything. Namibia should pride itself for being a very open society. There’s not any kind of information that we wanted that was not put at our disposal,” he said

“The mission commends the Namibian government and people for their openness and transparency in sharing all needed information, which in itself is an important component of good governance.”

He also expressed his confidence that Namibia’s report, which will be presented at the next Africa Union summit in Ethiopia, will be among the best.

The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) is a body designed to promote policies, standards and practices in all African Union member states to improve political stability and high economic growth.

Namibia’s national governing council in August 2020 oversaw the development of a Country Self-Assessment Report (CSAR), which was submitted to the APRM Panel of Eminent Persons and APRM Continental Secretariat last month.

This was followed by the country review mission by experts in governance from 11 peer countries in Africa, who all expressed independent opinions on governance in Namibia.

“The Country Self-Assessment Report produced by Namibia is of high quality, and provides a balanced view of good governance challenges and commendable practices,” stated APRM continental secretariat coordinator Dalmar Jama.

Namibia’s country review report will be presented to the APR forum of heads of state and government in Addis Ababa in February 2022, along with a budgeted plan of action.

The plan of action will also address challenges relating to governance as stated in Namibia’s Country Review Report.

“The Country Review Mission, and APRM Namibia Focal Point and National Governing Council, are confident that Namibia has all the tools, capacities and political support necessary for implementation of the NPoA in order to improve governance and contribute to the attainment of the sixth NDP, Harambee Prosperity Plan, and Vision 2030, as well as the AU Agenda 2063, Africa's long-term plan for socio-economic development,” Jama said.

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Namibia praised for transparency

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