NamBrew remains sure bet in first half-year

Nearly N$6 billion worth of shares were traded on the Namibian Stock Exchange in the first two quarters of 2018.

10 July 2018 | Business

Jo-Maré Duddy – Namibia Breweries has emerged as the star on the Local Index of the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) during the first six months of 2018, with the company ending June 15.3% higher than it started off the year.

NamBrew ended June at N$44.98 a share, N$5.96 a piece higher than its opening price for 2018. Compared to the end of June 2017, NamBrew’s share price has climbed by N$11.67 or about 35%.

Only three of the ten companies listed on the Local Index ended June on a higher note than it kicked off the new year. Letshego Holdings Namibia is up 0.25% or 1c, while Nimbus Infrastructure’s share price boasted an increase of 4.86% or 51c a piece. Nimbus listed as the first capital pool company (CPC) on the NSX last October, and was reclassified as part of the Main Board on 29 June.


Namibia Asset Management (NAM) is the biggest loser on the Local Index so far this year. It started 2018 at 72c a share. By the end of June, it was 11.1% down to 64c a piece.

Nictus Holdings Namibia shed 4.76% to end the first half-year 9c a share lower at N$1.80. Capricorn Investment Group was 77c or 4.28% lower at N$17.23, while FNB Namibia Holdings dropped N$1.65 or 3.54% per share. Oryx Properties ended June at N$20.20 per share, a decrease of 39c or 1.89% compared to the beginning of January. Bidvest Namibia lost 6c or 0.77% to end the first six months of the year at N$7.78 per share.

The preferential shares of Stimulus Investments remained flat at N$121.29 a piece.


About N$103 million worth of shares in total were traded on the Local Index during the second quarter, bringing the total for the first half-year to some N$377 million. During the first six months of 2017, total trade of about N$358 million was recorded, of which approximately N$100 million was in the second quarter.

Moneywise, FNB Namibia clinched the bulk of trade during the past quarter, with nearly N$53.56 million worth of shares in total changing hands. This was followed by Oryx with total trade of nearly N$25.71 million.

Other companies’ total trade during the quarter under review was: NamBrew (nearly N$11.96 million); Capricorn (N$5.03 million); Stimulus (N$3.28 million); Letshego Namibia (N$1.89 million); Bidvest Namibia (N$1.18 million); Nimbus (N$384 900) and NAM (N$16 695).

On the Overall Index of the NSX, total trade during the first half-year of 2018 amounted to about N$5.9 billion. Of this, some N$2.8 billion was during the past quarter. During the first six months of 2017, shares worth about N$8.9 billion in total were traded on the Overall Index, with some N$5.6 billion recorded in the second quarter.

The Local Index ended June at 619.96 points, up 20.31 points or 3.39% since the beginning of the year. Compared to the end of June 2017, the index gained 49.56 points or 8.69%.

The Overall Index ended the second quarter at 1 283.68 points, down 15.99 points or 1.2% from the beginning of 2018. Compared to the end of June 2017, the index gained 270.17 points or 26.7%.

By comparison, the JSE All Share Index retreated 3.2% so far this year, while it is up 11.6% from the end of June 2017.

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